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Isolated H-bridge DC–DC converter integrated transformerless DVR for power quality improvement

Isolated H-bridge DC–DC converter integrated transformerless DVR for power quality improvement

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This study presents a new H-bridge DC-DC converter-based transformerless dynamic voltage restorer topology (DVR). The proposed system can compensate balanced and unbalanced voltage sag/swell that are the most common electrical power quality problems and offers advantages over conventional DVR topologies by providing the isolation with high-frequency transformer (HFT) rather than bulky injection transformers and by employing shunt converter to eliminate the requirement of an energy storage unit. The system is composed of H-bridge DC–DC converter equipped with a HFT with one primary and three secondary windings and transformerless DVR. The single-phase shift modulation method is used for each series converter independently to provide the bidirectional power flow control of DC–DC converter, whereas in-phase compensation method with a hybrid detection algorithm is used to mitigate voltage sag/swell. An LC filter is employed to attenuate the switching ripple harmonics on the output of the DVR. The performance of the proposed system is verified experimentally on a three-phase, three-wire, 380 V, 10 kVA prototype.


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