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access icon free Resilient wide-area multi-mode controller design based on Bat algorithm for power systems with renewable power generation and battery energy storage systems

Modern power systems consist of power electronics devices, which are used in renewable energy (RE) conversion. However, these devices, associated controllers, and uncertainty in RE output could bring new challenges to power system stability, especially oscillatory stability. Hence, the integration of battery energy storage systems (BESSs) is being developed to minimise the uncertainty and variability in renewables. Furthermore, to tackle the complex dynamics and inertia-less characteristics of wind and PV plants additional controllers such as power oscillation damping (POD) control and virtual inertia scheme are sought. However, the primary challenges associated with the wide-area oscillation damping controller are signal transmission delay, loss of communication signal, data drops, and others. This paper proposes a bat algorithm (BA) based resilient wide-area multi-mode controller (MMC) for enhancing oscillatory stability margin with high penetration of renewable power generations (RPGs) and BESSs. The Java 500 kV Indonesian grid is used to evaluate the performance of the resilient wide-area MMC. From the results, it is found that the proposed controller effectively damp the critical mode of oscillation in the system even under communication failure as well as certain damping controller failures.


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