Life cycle planning of battery energy storage system in off-grid wind–solar–diesel microgrid

Life cycle planning of battery energy storage system in off-grid wind–solar–diesel microgrid

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For off-grid microgrids in remote areas (e.g. sea islands), proper configuring the battery energy storage system (BESS) is of great significance to enhance the power-supply reliability and operational feasibility. This study presents a life cycle planning methodology for BESS in microgrids, where the dynamic factors such as demand growth, battery capacity fading and components’ contingencies are modelled under a multi-timescale decision framework. Under a yearly timescale, the optimal DER capacity allocation is carried out to meet the demand growth, while the investment decisions of BESS are made periodically to yield the optimal sizing, type selection and replacement plans of BESS during the entire lifetime of the microgrid. Then, under an hourly timescale, the long-term probabilistic sequential simulation is adopted to comprehensively evaluate the investment decisions and derive detailed operation indicators. Moreover, a decomposition–coordination algorithm is developed to address the presented planning model, which iteratively strengthens the feasible space of investment-decision model by substituting the operation indicators until an acceptable sub-optimal solution is obtained. Case studies on a wind–solar–diesel microgrid in Kythnos Island, Greece illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed method. This study provides a practical and meaningful reference for BESS planning in off-grid microgrids.


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