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access icon free Islanding detection scheme for converter-based DGs with nearly zero non-detectable zone

This study presents a new method for detecting an islanding event in a microgrid with embedded converter-based distributed generation (DG). Unlike other schemes, the proposed scheme injects negligible perturbations into the microgrid after the generation of an alert signal. The proposed scheme then uses another index called superimposed impedance, ΔZ. The ΔZ is characterised by a low steady-state magnitude during the grid-connected mode and a high magnitude during the islanded mode. Furthermore, for a fault at the point of common coupling (PCC), the magnitudes of ΔZ and PCC voltage are both very low – except during the initial transient period, where |ΔZ| momentarily crosses the threshold. Therefore, an islanding event can be detected if the magnitude of ΔZ is high for some specified time. Moreover, a fault event will not be misdirected as an islanding event because the steady-state magnitudes of both the ΔZ and PCC voltage are very low in the case of a fault. The robustness of the proposed detection scheme is evaluated against different islanding conditions and also, for a fault at the PCC, first by using MATLAB-based simulations and later by using a laboratory-based experimental setup. A comparison with a recently published detection scheme shows the superiority of the proposed schemes.


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