Coordinated consensus for smart grid economic environmental power dispatch with dynamic communication network

Coordinated consensus for smart grid economic environmental power dispatch with dynamic communication network

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Combined economic environmental dispatch problem (CEEDP) is one of the greatest challenges of the future smart grids. It aims at reducing the total cost during the power production process considering the growing environmental impact due to the emission of gaseous pollutants of fossil fuels. This study develops a robust distributed algorithm based on consensus protocols in multi-agent systems, to solve the smart grid CEEDP with a practical communication network consisting of a dynamic communication network, randomly communication failure, transmission delay and noise in communication channels. The proposed algorithm is fully distributed and cooperative in such a way that it eliminates the need for a central energy-management unit, or a leader. The performance of the fully decentralised consensus protocol was evaluated on the IEEE 30-bus and the IEEE 118-bus test system. A comparison with previous consensus algorithms proves the supremacy of the proposed approach in terms of its robustness under dynamic communication network with randomly link failure.


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