State of charge estimation of a lithium-ion battery using robust non-linear observer approach

State of charge estimation of a lithium-ion battery using robust non-linear observer approach

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A robust non-linear observer is proposed to estimate the state of charge (SoC) of a lithium-ion battery by employing an electrical model of the battery. Considering the non-linear behaviour of the open circuit voltage versus SoC curve, a non-linear state space model is established. The modelling errors and uncertainties are compensated by the proposed non-linear observer resulting in robustness in the presence of these errors, which is the main feature of the proposed observer. The stability of the observer is proved by the Lyapunov criteria. The effectiveness of the proposed observer is verified by using the experimental test. The test results show that the proposed approach is effective and estimates the SoC with high accuracy. Additional experimental test verifies the robust performance of the proposed observer in the presence of the modelling errors and disturbances.


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