Extended cuckoo search-based kernel correlation filter for abrupt motion tracking

Extended cuckoo search-based kernel correlation filter for abrupt motion tracking

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Kernelised correlation filter (KCF)-based trackers have recently attracted considerable attention due to their exciting accuracy and efficiency. Numerous improvements have been made later for coping with scales variation or partial occlusion etc. However, when there is an abrupt motion between the consecutive image frames, these trackers would face failure. To alleviate the problem, the authors present an extended cuckoo search (CS)-based KCF tracker (called ECSKCF). At first, the extended CS algorithm is constructed by the Simplex method (SM). CS has obvious capability in global search while the SM has exceptional advantage in local search. Based on ECS method, motion prediction is transformed to globally search for optimal position intending to enhance the quality of base image. Then, combined ECS with Gaussian distribution, a hybrid motion model is introduced to KCF framework, which has the capability of capturing abrupt motion. Finally, a unified framework is designed to track smooth or abrupt motion simultaneously. Extensive experimental results in both quantitative and qualitative measures demonstrate the effectiveness of the authors’ proposed method for abrupt motion tracking.


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