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access icon free Gaussian channel transmission of images and audio files using cryptcoding

Random codes based on quasigroups (RCBQ) are cryptcodes, i.e. they are error-correcting codes, which provide information security. Cut-Decoding and 4-Sets-Cut-Decoding algorithms for these codes are defined elsewhere. Also, the performance of these codes for the transmission of text messages is investigated elsewhere. In this study, the authors investigate the RCBQ's performance with Cut-Decoding and 4-Sets-Cut-Decoding algorithms for transmission of images and audio files through a Gaussian channel. They compare experimental results for both coding/decoding algorithms and for different values of signal-to-noise ratio. In all experiments, the differences between the transmitted and decoded image or audio file are considered. Experimentally obtained values for bit-error rate and packet error rate and the decoding speed of both algorithms are compared. Also, two filters for enhancing the quality of the images decoded using RCBQ are proposed.


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