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access icon openaccess Research on a physical activity tracking system based upon three-axis accelerometer for patients with leg ulcers

Venous leg ulcerations are a common problem, with high prevalence in the middle-aged and elderly population, and more attention on research of their physical activities has been paid, as they have great effects on the blood circulation of the lower limb. With enough, appropriate training, the chronic venous ulcerations in the lower limb can be avoided and alleviated, and venous hypertension can be reduced effectively. The study deals with a physical activity tracking system for the patients based on a three-axis accelerometer. The system uses a three-axis accelerometer, a microcontroller, and a wireless Bluetooth module to form a data acquisition platform to acquire accelerations of the lower limb movement, and sends it to a smart mobile phone via the wireless Bluetooth module. The system takes advantages of the smart mobile phone to guide the chronic venous leg ulcers to do prescribed rehabilitation exercises for the lower limb muscles, perform acceleration data preprocessing, wavelet transform and reconstruction, denoising and feature extraction, obtain the results of the rehabilitation exercises, and then give reasonable evaluation and judgment. It is helpful to treat underlying venous reflux, create such an environment that allows skin to grow across an ulcer, and accelerate ulcer healing process consequently.

Inspec keywords: data acquisition; feature extraction; wavelet transforms; biomedical equipment; medical signal processing; biomechanics; patient monitoring; muscle; Bluetooth; accelerometers; diseases; signal reconstruction; blood vessels; mobile computing; biomedical telemetry; skin; smart phones; patient rehabilitation; microcontrollers

Other keywords: wavelet transform; blood circulation; smart mobile phone; venous hypertension; three-axis accelerometer; chronic venous leg ulcers; lower limb movement; data acquisition platform; microcontroller; venous reflux; physical activity tracking system; chronic venous ulcerations; venous leg ulcerations; prescribed rehabilitation exercises; feature extraction; acceleration data preprocessing; ulcer healing process; wireless Bluetooth module

Subjects: Velocity, acceleration and rotation measurement; Data acquisition systems; Data gathering, processing, and recording, data displays including digital techniques; Computer vision and image processing techniques; Patient care and treatment; Microprocessors and microcomputers; Computer networks and techniques; Biology and medical computing; Sensing devices and transducers; Optical, image and video signal processing; Biomedical measurement and imaging; Function theory, analysis; Ubiquitous and pervasive computing; Biomedical communication; Microprocessor chips; Integral transforms; Patient care and treatment; Patient diagnostic methods and instrumentation; Integral transforms; Data acquisition equipment and techniques; Signal processing and detection; Sensing and detecting devices; Velocity, acceleration and rotation measurement; Telemetry


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