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access icon free Design of highly reliable energy-efficient SEU tolerant 10T SRAM cell

A novel energy-efficient radiation hardened by design 10T static RAM (SRAM) cell is proposed. The parasitic extracted simulations show that by employing the proposed 10T-SRAM cell, an average improvement of ∼ 29, 5/10%, and 108/129%, in layout area, write/read access time (WAT/RAT), and write/read static noise margin (WSNM/RSNM), respectively, is obtained over the recently reported 10T-SRAM cell at a supply voltage 0.4 V in STMicroelectronics 65 nm technology. The proposed SRAM cell at 32 nm technology node using technology computer-aided design mixed-mode simulations is also validated. In 32 nm technology, the proposed SRAM cell shows 42/125% and 54/8%, in WSNM/RSNM and WAT/RAT, respectively, better results as compared with 10T SRAM cell at a supply voltage 0.3 V. In 32 nm technology, the proposed SRAM cell can mitigate the impact of heavy-ion strike with a linear energy transfer of 30 MeV cm2/mg.


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