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access icon free Compact lowpass filter with flat group delay using lattice-shaped resonator

A compact lowpass filter (LPF) using a lattice-shaped resonator is presented with a wide rejection band and sharp roll-off. The designed LPF has −3 dB cut-off frequency at 4.34 GHz. The fabricated LPF is simulated and tested; there is a good agreement between the simulation and experimental results. Experimental results show that the maximum variation of flat group delay is only 0.3 ns in the passband. Also, the measured return-loss and insertion loss are more than 19 dB and <0.1 dB in 88% of the passband region, respectively. The size of the designed filter is only 22.5 × 8.65 mm2.


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      • 8. Hong, J.S., Lancaster, M.J.: ‘Microstrip filters for RF/microwave applications’ (Wiley, New York, 2001).

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