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The IET organises a range of international conferences, seminars and exhibitions each year. The conferences cover all aspects of electrical, electronic, manufacturing and systems engineering, and related sciences. Proceedings of all conferences are published after each event. Conferences from 1994 up to the present are available on the IET Digital Library as part of the IET Digital Library Complete Publications Package. Seminar publications and digests are collections of condensed information relating to presentations at IET colloquia and seminar events. They are sometimes in the form of speakers' hand-outs or copies of the slide show presentation.

Print copies and/or CD-ROMs of IET Conference Publications are also available to purchase from the IET Member and Customer Services Team. For further information and to buy a print copy and/or CD-ROM of an IET Conference Publication, please contact [email protected].

You can search the calendar of all IET events including seminars and training courses, or view a summary of forthcoming conferences and seminars.

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  • IEE 2-Day Seminar on 'IT to HD: Visions of Broadcasting in the 21st Century'
  • IEE 2nd Annual Symposium on Engineering Education
  • IEE Afternoon Seminar on Digital Television Broadcasting
  • IEE Afternoon Seminar. Management of Soft Projects: the People Issues
  • IEE Airborne Navigation Systems Workshop
  • IEE Annual Course on Telecoms Networks - The Next Generation
  • IEE Aviation Surveillance Systems
  • IEE Breakfast Colloquium on `Genba Kanri'
  • IEE Briefing Seminar. How to Choose and Use Consultants for Quality Programmes
  • IEE CANopen Implementation Workshop
  • IEE Certification of Ground/Air Systems Seminar
  • IEE Collaborative Research for the Digital Broadcasting and Multimedia Industries Seminar
  • IEE Colloquium A Practical Approach to the Protection of Industrial Power Systems Networks upto 11kV
  • IEE Colloquium Advances in Semiconductor Devices
  • IEE Colloquium Analog Signal Processing
  • IEE Colloquium Control of Major Accidents and Hazards Directive: Implications for Electrical and Control Engineers
  • IEE Colloquium Design, Operation and Maintenance of High Voltage (3.3kV to 11kV) Electric Motors for Process Plant
  • IEE Colloquium EMC for the Small Business 1998
  • IEE Colloquium Economics of Embedded Generation
  • IEE Colloquium Effective Microwave CAD Tools
  • IEE Colloquium Effects of High Speed Switching on Motors and Drives
  • IEE Colloquium Electromagnetic Compatability of Software
  • IEE Colloquium Electromagnetic Compatibility in Heavy Power Installations
  • IEE Colloquium Electronic Beam Steering
  • IEE Colloquium Evolvable Hardware Systems
  • IEE Colloquium Flexible AC Transmission Systems - the FACTS
  • IEE Colloquium Hardware-Software Co-Design
  • IEE Colloquium In-House EMC Measurements and Diagnostics
  • IEE Colloquium Insulating Liquids
  • IEE Colloquium Intelligent Methods in Healthcare and Medical Applications
  • IEE Colloquium Intelligent and Self-Validating Sensors
  • IEE Colloquium Interconnections from DC to Microwaves
  • IEE Colloquium Medical Equipment Alarms: the Need, the Standards, the Evidence
  • IEE Colloquium Microwave Measurements: Current Techniques and Trends
  • IEE Colloquium Multimedia Databases and MPEG-7
  • IEE Colloquium Neural Networks in Interactive Multimedia Systems
  • IEE Colloquium New Applications in Modelling and Inversion Techniques for Non-Destructive Testing
  • IEE Colloquium New Developments in Optical Amplifiers
  • IEE Colloquium Novel DSP Algorithms and Architectures for Radio Systems
  • IEE Colloquium Novel Methods of Location and Tracking of Cellular Mobiles and their System Applications
  • IEE Colloquium Optical Solitons
  • IEE Colloquium Optical Wireless Communications
  • IEE Colloquium Outage Free Techniques for Overhead Lines
  • IEE Colloquium Post Production Workstations and Networking
  • IEE Colloquium Power Electronic Systems Simulation
  • IEE Colloquium Pulsed Power '97
  • IEE Colloquium Recent Advances in Power Devices
  • IEE Colloquium Reconfigurable Systems
  • IEE Colloquium Simulation in Medicine
  • IEE Colloquium Speech and Language Engineering - State of the Art
  • IEE Colloquium Stepping into Management
  • IEE Colloquium Substation Integration, Protection and Control
  • IEE Colloquium Successful Introduction of Systems Engineering into an Organisation
  • IEE Colloquium Towards Safer Electrical Installations - Learning the Lessons
  • IEE Colloquium Transformer Life Management
  • IEE Colloquium UMTS - the R&D Challenges
  • IEE Colloquium Understanding Your Condition Monitoring
  • IEE Colloquium Update on Developments in Intelligent Control
  • IEE Colloquium Virtual Reality: Personal, Mobile and Practical Applications
  • IEE Colloquium `A Systems Approach to Manufacturing'
  • IEE Colloquium `Recent Developments in Radar and Sonar Imaging Systems: What Next?'
  • IEE Colloquium eCommerce - Trading but not as we know it!
  • IEE Colloquium on "Hows" and "Whys" of EMC Design
  • IEE Colloquium on 3D Interface for the Information Worker
  • IEE Colloquium on AI for Network Management Systems
  • IEE Colloquium on ATM Professional and Consumer Applications
  • IEE Colloquium on ATM Traffic in the Personal Mobile Communications Environment
  • IEE Colloquium on ATM over Satellite
  • IEE Colloquium on Achieving Electromagnetic Compatibility: Accident or Design
  • IEE Colloquium on Active Sound and Vibration Control
  • IEE Colloquium on Actuator Technology: Current Practice and New Developments
  • IEE Colloquium on Adaptable and Multi-Standard Mobile Radio Terminals
  • IEE Colloquium on Adaptive Control
  • IEE Colloquium on Adaptive Controllers in Practice
  • IEE Colloquium on Adaptive Controllers in Practice
  • IEE Colloquium on Adaptive Controllers in Practice '97
  • IEE Colloquium on Adaptive Signal Processing for Mobile Communication Systems
  • IEE Colloquium on Advanced Developments in Microelectronic Engineering
  • IEE Colloquium on Advanced MOS and Bi-Polar Devices
  • IEE Colloquium on Advanced Signal Processing for Microwave Applications
  • IEE Colloquium on Advanced TDMA Techniques and Applications
  • IEE Colloquium on Advanced, Widescreen and High Definition Television Systems - Where Are They Now?
  • IEE Colloquium on Advances in Computer-Aided Control System Design
  • IEE Colloquium on Advances in Electrical Tomography
  • IEE Colloquium on Advances in HV Technology
  • IEE Colloquium on Advances in Interactive Voice Technologies for Telecommunication Services
  • IEE Colloquium on Advances in Passive Microwave Components
  • IEE Colloquium on Advances in Railway Communication Systems
  • IEE Colloquium on Advances in Sensors
  • IEE Colloquium on Advances in Sensors for Fluid Flow Measurement
  • IEE Colloquium on Agile Manufacturing
  • IEE Colloquium on Agile Manufacturing
  • IEE Colloquium on Agile Manufacturing
  • IEE Colloquium on Air-to-Ground Communications
  • IEE Colloquium on Airborne Navigation Systems Workshop
  • IEE Colloquium on All Electric Aircraft
  • IEE Colloquium on An Engineering Review of Liquid Insulation
  • IEE Colloquium on Analogue Simulation: the Dream and the Nightmare
  • IEE Colloquium on Antenna Measurements
  • IEE Colloquium on Antennas and Propagation for Future Mobile Communications
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