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IET Conference & Seminar Publications

The IET organises a range of international conferences, seminars and exhibitions each year. The conferences cover all aspects of electrical, electronic, manufacturing and systems engineering, and related sciences. Proceedings of all conferences are published after each event. Conferences from 1994 up to the present are available on the IET Digital Library as part of the IET Digital Library Complete Publications Package. Seminar publications and digests are collections of condensed information relating to presentations at IET colloquia and seminar events. They are sometimes in the form of speakers' hand-outs or copies of the slide show presentation.

You can search the calendar of all IET events including seminars and training courses, or view a summary of forthcoming conferences and seminars.

Publication procedure

  1. Submit your request online, or contact us directly with details of the conference and the following information:
    • Details of how reviewers will be selected
    • Description of the review process
    • What the reviewers will assess (e.g. abstract only, conference presentation or final paper prepared for publication)
    • Criteria the reviewers will apply for acceptance
    • Details of adjudication in the event of conflicting opinions from reviewers
    • Expected percentage acceptance rate of papers
    • Description of which types of presentation from the conference will be offered for inclusion in content accepted for publication (e.g. keynote speech, poster, etc.)

  2. The IET Conference team will review the details of your conference and write to confirm if we can offer a publishing contract.

  3. The organisers of the approved conferences should submit their proceedings via ftp [FTP account].

  4. Papers submitted to us must be PDFs and must be in their final form ready for publication. Please ensure that all changes have been approved by authors prior to the PDFs being submitted to the IET.

    On submission of the conference proceedings, we require the following:
    • Each paper as an individual PDF, named numerically, according to the order in which you would like them to appear. Each submitted papers must be signed by a signed copyright form or licence.
    • A table of contents (giving the order of papers and sections)
    • Any preliminary information including conference overview and organising and technical committee lists.

  5. The Conference Organiser must ensure that papers are prepared according to the Manuscript Preparation Guidelines (link). The papers must present scientifically sound research that is relevant to the scope of the conference, and written in clear, concise English. Particular care should be taken when formatting papers as outlined in the Manuscript Preparation Guidelines.

  6. Upon publication we will write to authors informing them of publication and provide them with the URL of their paper.
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