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IBC 2016 Conference

  • Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Conference date: 8-12 Sept. 2016
  • ISBN: 978-1-78561-343-2
  • Conference number: IBC2016
  • The following topics are dealt with: TV broadcasting; technology advances; television content and production; broadcasting platforms; audiences and advertising; big screen experiences; business transformation; consumer experiences; IP TV; video.
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    • Real time cross-mapping of high dynamic range images
      A single-layer HDR video coding framework with SDR compatibility
      HDR for legacy displays using sectional tone mapping
      Image adaptation requirements for high dynamic range video under reference and non-reference viewing conditions
      High dynamic range subjective testing
    • Applications and deployments of server and network assisted DASH (SAND)
      Improving live performance in HTTP adaptive streaming systems
      Dash in ATSC 3.0: bridging the gap between OTT and broadcast
    • Video translation: weaving synthetic voices into the multilingual production workflow
      Reverse engineering emotions in an immersive audio mix format
      Audio for television: how AES67 and uncompressed 2022/2110/TR03 video fit together
    • A social experience for online TV
      How true, synchronized live OTT can change the second screen and social TV game
      Becoming a data-driven broadcaster and delivering a unified and personalised broadcast user experience
      Timing - small step for developers, giant leap for the media industry
    • VR video ecosystem for live distribution
      Directing attention in 360-degree video
      VR video ecosystem for live distribution
      Directing attention in 360-degree video
      Mixed reality technologies for immersive interactive broadcast
    • The VRT sandbox live IP experience
      Integrating non real-time software processes into real-time IP-based production
      Strategies for Deployment of Accurate Time Information using PTP within the All-IP studio
    • Lens metadata: a key link in the production chain and how to capture it
      Using metadata to maximize yield and expand inventory in TV - contextual advertising
      Metadata enriching technology as the key to effective target audience engagement and content monetization
      Using metadata to deliver relevant and valuable content
    • Efficient multi-bitrate HEVC encoding for adaptive streaming
      Conversion and HEVC compression of high dynamic range (HDR) video
      The open-source turing codec: towards fast, flexible and parallel HEVC encoding
    • Dreamspace: a platform and tools for collaborative virtual production
      Towards new forms of news gathering through crowdsourced live mobile streaming systems
      Gaze tracking using corneal images captured by a single high-sensitivity camera
      Creating object-based experiences in the real world
      Future of voice control for consumer interactions with internet of things systems: in the context of integration with other services offered by traditional service providers
    • Automatic production system of sign language CG animation for meteorological information
      Automatic recovery and verification of subtitles for large collections of video clips
      Just-in-time prepared captioning for live transmissions
    • Mobile and broadcast networks cooperation for high quality mobile video: a win-win approach
      Local content delivery in SFNS using layered division multiplexing (LDM)
      WIB: a new system concept for digital terrestrial television (DTT)
      3GPP based tv service layer
    • Implementing dynamic ad insertion in HTML5 using MPEG dash
      Increasing ad personalization with server-side ad insertion
      Best practices for OTT dynamic ad insertion
      Advantages and challenges of a vast server-side video advertising solution
    • BT Sport Ultra HD - Europe's First Ultra High Definition Television Sports Channel
      Opening of the holy door by Pope Francis: first worldwide live distribution via satellite of 4K UHD pictures and HDR HLG test
      Real-world live 4K ultra HD broadcasting with high dynamic range
      Celebrating the launch of 8K/4K UHDTV satellite broadcasting and progress on full-featured 8K UHDTV in Japan
      UHD for broadcast and the DVB ultra HD-1 phase 2 standard
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