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IBC 2015

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  • Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Conference date: 10-14 Sept. 2015
  • ISBN: 978-1-78561-185-8
  • Conference number: IBC2015
  • The following topics are dealt with: multiscreen world; MPEG-21 UD; MPEG DASH; high dynamic range television system; LTE; 4G broadcast; UHD inter-codec interference; HTTP adaptive streaming clients; audiovisual media services; broadcast TV; audio-over-ip standard; avatar-based sign language; 4K HEVC; radio equipment directive; 3-dimensional content creation; visual radio production; hybrid cloud; Rai active news; next generation immersive content; high speed data mining; context-based hybrid content radio; live event broadcasting; interactive streaming; HEVC hybrid broadcast broadband video services; human sensing revolution; real-time metadata; natural language interface; file-based programme production; attack anatomy analysis; cloud-based predictive analytics; HEVC/H.265 codec system; and UHDTV broadcasting.

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  • A “display independent” high dynamic range television system
  • The Full Monty: Moving Beyond The Hybrid Cloud
  • Image Dynamic Range System for UHDTV Broadcasting
  • Coexistence between LTE and DTT: practical experience following the clearance and relicensing of 800 MHz spectrum in the UK
  • UHD inter-codec interference in real life production chain
  • The Art of 3-Dimensional Content Creation - Do 3DS and VR Share the Same Visual Grammar?
  • Managing HDR Content Production And Display Device Capabilities
  • A Natural Language Interface for Search and Recommendations of Digital Entertainment Media
  • How AES-67, the new audio-over-IP standard, will bring the convergence of telecommunications, studio audio, and intercom
  • Understanding the Diverse Needs of Subtitle Users in a Rapidly Evolving Media Landscape
  • How to Transmit 4K Video and 10 Gbps using 60 GHz Wireless
  • Delivery of high dynamic range video using existing broadcast infrastructure
  • Architectures and protocols powering illegal content streaming over the Internet
  • Avatar-based sign language interpretation for weather forecast and other TV programs
  • Making audio sound better one square wave at a time
  • Visual Radio Production for Sport Events
  • Storyteller - Marrying Real-Time Metadata with Live Events to Automate Production for Multi-Screen
  • Object-based Audio for Televison Production
  • MPEG-21 UD: a solution for horizontal integration of media recommendation systems
  • Quality-aware HTTP adaptive streaming
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