IBC2014 Conference

  • Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Conference date: 11-15 Sept. 2014
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-927-8
  • Conference number: IBC2014

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  • Automated content restoration system for file-based broadcasting environments
  • An automated tagging approach to improve search and retrieval in a radio archive
  • Beyond metadata: searching your archive based on its audio-visual content
  • Ultra HD deployment perspectives
  • Temporal versus spatial resolution-comparative tests for broadcast sports
  • Development of 8K-UHDTV system with wide-colour gamut and 120-Hz frame frequency
  • Live event experiences - Interactive UHDTV on mobile devices
  • High frame-rate television: sampling theory, the human visual system and why the Nyquist-Shannon theorem doesn't apply
  • Deploying wide colour gamut and high dynamic range in HD and UHD
  • Innovations in 3-D colour LUTS for display calibration
  • On-set previsualization for VFX film production
  • Object-based broadcasting - curation, responsiveness and user experience
  • Computational imaging for stop-motion animated video productions
  • Efficient workflows for automated rich metadata production
  • Enabling semantic search & retrieval with business-driven automated information extraction
  • From the cloud to TV production: a real world case study of an architecture and performance model
  • Contents management system specialized handling metadata for broadcasting and other services based on file-based workflow
  • Video over LTE: exploring efficiency in distribution
  • The art of better pixels
  • Subjective Quality Evaluation of High Dynamic Range Video and Display for Future TV
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