IBC2013 Conference

  • Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Conference date: 12-17 Sept. 2013
  • ISBN: 978-1-84919-926-1
  • Conference number: IBC2013
  • The following topics are dealt with: audio signal processing; high efficiency video coding, HDTV broadcasting; digital television; television broadcasting; digital video broadcasting; and video streaming.
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    • The Development of a Methodology to Evaluate the Perceived Quality of Live TV Subtitles
      Capturing into high quality subtitle files for multiple applications
      Automated Closed Captioning and Descriptive Video Compliance at Turner Broadcasting
    • Methods for Robust Audio Streaming over Impaired IP Networks
      Advanced clean audio solution: dialogue enhancement
    • Production of high dynamic range video
      High dynamic range video cameras based on single shot non-regular sampling
      New-Generation Scalable Motion Processing From Mobile To 4K and Beyond
    • Higher frame rates for television
      3D Stereoscopy for Surround Cinema: A Live Streaming Study Case for Digital Dome
      New media transport technologies in Super Hi-Vision broadcasting systems
      Future Empathic Media Products
      Compact Super Hi-Vision camera system with a 2.5-inch 33-megapixel colour CMOS image sensor
    • Improved spectral efficiency by time frequency slicing and advanced network planning
      A Calculation Tool for the Protection of Digital Terrestrial Television Services from White Space Devices
      Investigations into the characteristics of technologies for TV white space applications
      Time frequency slicing in the next generation mobile broadcasting standard DVB-NGH
    • Development of a 4K main 10 profile HEVC encoder
      HEVC Compression Efficiency Evaluation on 2D and 3D TV Sequences
      HEVC, the next big thing?
      Application of HEVC and DVB-T2 to terrestrial 4K UHDTV broadcast over-the-air trials
      Challenges and Opportunities for Successful UHDTV Broadcasting
      Guidelines for hevc deployments
      Managing Complexity of HEVC Deployment
    • Personalising the viewer experience: Enabling technologies
      The dawn of cloud based DVR services
      Towards Next Generation Hybrid Broadcast Broadband, Results from FP7 and HBBTV 2.0
    • A novel approach at producing media in the cloud efficiently and securely
      The IP Studio
      6G SDI For UHDTV-1, 4K And 3D Production
      File-based workflows in content presentation
    • News Service in Simplified Japanese and its Production Support Systems
      Light-field acquisition system allowing camera viewpoint and depth of field compositing in post-production
      Development and trials of the `HALFRF' 4x4 MIMO HD radio-camera for programme-making in tomorrow's frequency bands
      Network optimization, for broadcast contribution services under H.264 HI422 profile
      Perceptual Quality Based Rate Control Method for AVC-Intra
    • Learning from concrete phenomenon to envision interactive television services that capture the human experience
      Enhancing the user experience of TV user interfaces: the continuous interaction principle
      Anonymity or authentication? Enabling hybrid services that are personalised but private
    • Audience behaviour during peaks of viewing
      Unlocking the potential of subscriber data
      Identification of user experience and usability dimensions for second screen applications: Results from an expert evaluation using generic task models
      Demystifying digital: Delivering TV everywhere
      The second screen goes live: Enabling broadcasters to work with, rather than against, the multiscreen tide
    • How good are the new (DVB) S2 extensions really?
      Revolutionizing video delivery in mobile networks with broadcast techniques
      Building a DASH-264 player
      Live Streaming at Scale: Is Your Video on Cue?
      Efficient Content Processing for Adaptive Video Delivery
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