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11th Solar & Storage Power System Integration Workshop (SIW 2021)

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  • Location: Hybrid Conference, Germany
  • Conference date: 28 September 2021
  • ISBN: 978-1-83953-680-9
  • Conference number: CP793
  • The International Workshop on the Integration of Solar Power into Power Systems is part of the renowned Renewable Energy Grid Integration Week that comprises three high-quality conferences on grid integration of renewable energies in one week and attracts participants from all over the world. The primary objective is to stimulate interdisciplinary thinking between industry and research by providing a platform for discussion and for sharing ideas and knowledge regarding the key issues in the field of large-scale integration of solar power. The 11th Solar & Storage Integration Workshop was held on 28 September 2021 in Berlin, Germany & virtually. Participants from power system operators, transmission and distribution grid operators, solar inverter manufacturers, universities and research institutes, and consulting companies convened to review and discuss recent advances in technology and exchange ideas on how to jointly tackle the challenges of the coming years. The more than 30 presentations in eight sessions covered a wide range of topics from grid forming to power system issues and forecasting.

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  • Connecting the dots: distribution grid investments to power the energy transition
  • PV as an ancillary service provider – laboratory and field experiences from IEA PVPS countries
  • System non-synchronous penetration (SNSP) metric and potential alternatives in low-carbon grids
  • What was the fundamental cause for the long-continued high market price in Japan in 2021? – negative impact on Japan's renewable energy policy
  • Citizens' energy cooperatives: key drivers of the energy transition in Baden-Wuerttemberg
  • International electrical interconnection to unlock solar photovoltaic potential and accelerate progress towards carbon neutrality in Japan and South Korea
  • Overcurrent suppression control for grid forming inverter
  • Fault operation of grid-forming converters with focus on system stability
  • Synchronous energy storage system with inertia capabilities for angle, voltage and frequency stabilization in power grids
  • Cross-current power control for coordination of multiple grid forming inverters
  • Hybridizing synchronous condensers with grid forming batteries for PV integration – a solution to enhance grid reliability and resiliency
  • A multi-objective operational strategy for a utility-scale PV plus energy storage system
  • Supervisory optimal control for photovoltaics connected to an electric power grid
  • Application of dynamic line rating for solar power integration
  • Determination of the voltage and frequency dependent behaviour of low voltage grids – test procedure for a modified mobile generator
  • Modelling PV self-consumption at portfolio level
  • Short-circuit analysis of grid-connected PV power plants considering inverter limits and grid-support
  • Multi services provided by the coordination control of different storage and FACTS devices
  • Evaluation of advanced reserve sizing methods based on RE variability and uncertainty
  • Hybrid-approach for unit commitment simulation combining a fundamental model with a neural network
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