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IET International Radar Conference (IET IRC 2020)

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  • Location: Online Conference
  • Conference date: 04-06 November 2020
  • ISBN: 978-1-83953-540-6
  • Conference number: CP779
  • IET International Radar Conference 2020 was held on 4-6 November 2020 online. This is the fifth IET International Radar Conference series in China after the first four successful conferences held in April 2009, Guilin, April 2013, Xi'an, October 2015, Hangzhou, and October 2018, Nanjing, respectively. The conference aims to introduce the latest technological development and academic research hot issues of the radar technology, especially the latest researches and applications of civilian radar technology. It will provide a platform for radar experts and technicians to exchange ideas and achievements. The conference covers the following topics: Radar Systems, Advanced RF and Antenna Technologies, Radar Signal and Data Processing, SAR and ISAR, Target and Environment Characteristics and Emerging Technology.

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  • Modelling and analysis of sea clutter’s influences on airship-borne weather radar for typhoon observation
  • Design of vehicle vision system based on millimeter-wave radar
  • Intermediate frequency design criterion for reducing spectrum aliasing distortion in binary phase-coded radar system
  • Fractional fourier transform based cadence velocity diagram technique for human motion recognition
  • Detection, tracking and recognition of multi-targets using fusion data from different sensors
  • Improved clutter-map detection for radar targets in K-distributed clutter
  • Location accuracy analysis of multi-angle SAR based on radargrammetry method
  • Adaptive velocity ambiguity resolution algorithm based on gradient descent
  • Experimental study of azimuth-elevation three-dimensional imaging at terahertz frequencies
  • Design and polarization scattering characteristics of L-shape reflector
  • A novel method of ship detection by combining space-borne SAR and GNSS-R
  • Sparse aperture isar imaging method based on continuous compression sensing
  • Real-time processing of ship detection with spaceborne SAR image based on multiple FPGA
  • NLOS target localization behind an L-shaped corner based on grid matching
  • Design and implementation of multi-channel high speed digital transceiver system for P-L band radar
  • Paralle acceleration of multi-mode SAR imaging on GPU
  • Constant modulus waveform design for MIMO radar transmit beampattern synthesis
  • An efficient imaging scheme for high-resolution sliding spotlight SAR based on coherent superposition of subaperture images
  • Simulation research on ground-air bistatic radar clutter
  • A novel multicomponent LFM signal detection based on fast block FRFT
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