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Michael Faraday IET International Summit 2020 (MFIIS 2020)

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  • Location: Online Conference
  • Conference date: 03-04 October 2020
  • ISBN: 978-1-83953-523-9
  • Conference number: CP778
  • Michael Faraday IET International Summit (MFIIS) is a flagship “call for paper” event of the IET Kolkata Local Network(the oldest Local Network in India), which commenced in 2012 and focusses on cutting-edge research in the fields of engineering and technology. On Oct 3-4 2020, the 4th edition of the Michael Faraday IET International Summit (MFIIS 2020) also marked the celebration of 150 years of the IET and 75 years of the IET Kolkata Network. The conference attracted close to 100 papers of which 56 papers were selected for presentation. Due to the prevailing pandemic, the conference was held in the digital mode and had 318 attendees and Youtube views on Day 1 and 193 on Day 2. The Conference was held in collaboration with the IET Satellite IOT TNs and had the presence of the Chairs of both of these TNs. It also attracted attendees as well as speakers from the neighbouring South Asian countries of Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. The conference covered a wide range with 7 tracks encompassing various fields such as Power and Energy, Measurement and Signal processing, Communication and Networking, IOT, Future of Mobility and Transport and Nano-materials.

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  • Comparative study on analysis of daylight glare from windows for different seasons
  • Current Perturbed MPPT for Solar PV cell using Boost Converter
  • A novel approach for wind speed variability estimation for smart energy system operation
  • A Dual Purpose Passive Magnetic Fault Current Limiter for Obtaining Variable Impedance and Current Suppression at Fault
  • Automation and Monitoring of Domestic Loads in a Smart Home using PV and Internet of Things
  • Condition Monitoring and Cost Optimization in Solar Roof-Top Generating System
  • Application of Signal Processing and Artificial Neural Network in Modelling of a scheme of Distance Relaying System for Protection of Overhead Transmission Lines
  • Estimation of the State-of-Charge of Lithium-ion Battery using Adaptive State Augmented Cubature Kalman Filter in Presence of Uncharacterized Coloured Noise in the Measurement
  • A comparative analysis between price-penalty factor method and fractional programming method for combined economic emission dispatch problem using novel probabilistic CSA-JAYA algorithm
  • Medical Image Based Approach For Classification Of Several Stages For Retinopathy Disease Using Machine Learning Methodology
  • Cross-correlation based single-phase fault location scheme for transmission lines using one-end voltage
  • Sub-harmonics Data Driven Adaptive Line to Ground Fault Detection in Solar fed Microgrids
  • Harmonics Monitoring for Winding Fault Diagnosis of Brushless DC motor
  • System Identification and Control of Wheeled Mobile Robot
  • Harmonic Distortion, Inter-harmonic Group Magnitude and Discrete Wavelet Transformation based Statistical Parameter Estimation for Line to Ground Fault Analysis in Microgrid System
  • Artificial Neural Network-Built Electronic Load Controller for Three-Phase Self-Excited Induction Generator Feeding Single-Phase Load
  • A Modified PWM Technique to Reduce Harmonic Content of Multi-level NPC Topology for Medium Voltage Electric Vehicle (EV) Applications
  • Performance Analysis of different technology PV Modules in Eastern Indian climatic conditions---------An Approach based on Solar Geometry
  • Design of a Priority Based Local Energy Market Using Blockchain Technology
  • Harmonic Analysis in Solar Penetrated On/Off grid Microgrid using ETAP
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