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3rd Smart Cities Symposium (SCS 2020)

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  • Location: Online Conference
  • Conference date: 21-23 September 2020
  • ISBN: 978-1-83953-522-2
  • Conference number: CP777
  • To create awareness about the future prospects of Smart Cities, to build a platform exchanging ideas and throughs with international prospects and dimensions. In addition, the symposium is more emphasizing roles of universities in promoting Smart Cities, Consultancy, Smarter Ideas, and Continuity in form of publications and innovative solutions.

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  • Predicting successful software reuse using machine learning
  • Steering information in quantum network
  • Performance evaluation of the ducted vertical axis wind turbine for domestic applications
  • A survey for AWS cloud development tools and services
  • Smart fuel pump station controlled by IoT and WSN deployment
  • Cloud of medical things (CoMT) based smart healthcare framework for resource allocation
  • A survey of IoT-based smart parking systems in smart cities
  • Calibration of autonomous vehicles in PTV VISSIM
  • Smart controller based on heuristic evolution techniques (case study: BGPS – Iraq)
  • Eco-friendly AAC blocks for construction in smart cities
  • Reverse engineering approach for classes’ representations and interactions in software projects
  • Design of optimum tower crane foundation for infrastructures construction
  • Security of RFID-based on internet of things (IOT) devices
  • Water from sun: an energy conservation initiative for smart cities
  • Feature analysis and prediction of antibiotic resistance using PCA-MLP with segments of N. gonorrhoeae bacteria’s DNA
  • Intelligent wastewater treatment system with IOT based monitoring for smart cities
  • Improving software cost estimation process using feature selection technique
  • A survey: security issues in IoT environment and IoT architecture
  • The effects of human factor dynamics in cyber security in kuwait
  • Towards a comprehensive self-admitted technical debt extraction technique from source code comments
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