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2019 Intelligent Rehabilitation and Human-machine Engineering Conference (IRHE-2019)

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  • Location: Qinhuangdao, China
  • Conference date: 18-21 Nov. 2019
  • ISBN: 978-1-83953-443-0
  • Conference number: CP772
  • The following topics are dealt with: Adaptive Torque Control, Exoskeletons, Data Structures, Patient Rehabilitation, Speech Recognition, Ultrasound Simulation, Aortic Pressure Waveform, Manipulator Control, Amputees Prosthetics.

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  • Adaptive Torque Control of Hip Exoskeleton for Walking Assist Based on Motion Comparison Method and Phase Oscillator Method
  • System design of upper limb sEMG real-time control manipulator
  • Central aortic pressure waveform estimation using genetic-algorithm-based multichannel blind system identification
  • Influence of Prosthetic Weight on Muscle Fatigue in Upper Limb Amputees
  • Flexible Non-contact Electrodes for Minimizing Artifacts in Electrocardiograms Measurement during Motion
  • Analysis and prediction of multi-joint coupling torque of fingers
  • Data structures influence the number of muscle synergies and reconstruction effect across trials
  • Development of a drug addiction rehabilitation training system based on BCI-VR technology
  • Functional corticomuscular coupling-interaction strength and information flow following stroke
  • Monitoring Muscle Oxygen Variations during Muscle Contraction in Mild and Severe Hemiparesis using Nearinfrared Spectroscopy: A Pilot Study
  • Left/Right Contributions of Articulatory Muscles in Speech Recognition Using High-Density Surface Electromyography
  • Low intensity pulsed ultrasound stimulation at different number of tone-burst on multi-scale coupling
  • Multifractal analysis of joint flexion in elderly with the history of falls
  • Research on Neural Activation Mechanism of Motor Imagery Based on Virtual Scene
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