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15th International Conference on Developments in Power System Protection (DPSP 2020)

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  • Location: Liverpool, UK
  • Conference date: 9-12 March 2020
  • ISBN: 978-1-83953-277-1
  • Conference number: CP771
  • The following topics are dealt with: Protection of networks; Evolving technologies and future networks; Protection during black-start/network restoration; Protection and impact of converter dominated networks and low inertia systems; Plant/substation protection; Advances in communications for protection applications including Cyber security; and Protection implications of emerging technologies and future networks.

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  • Validation of dynamic GB transmission system models with PMU data for hardware-in-the-loop studies
  • Operational testing of virtual and physical IEDs using GOOSE for protection application
  • Renewable Integration using IEC 61850 Enabled Smart Distribution IEDs with Customizable Functions
  • Phasor-based and time-domain transmission line protection considering wind power integration
  • The behaviour of virtual synchronous machine (VSM) based converters in front of non-saturable faults
  • Integration of new customer tertiary connections to existing transformer protection and control arrangements and associated new solutions
  • Secure and dependable protection relay behaviour in extremely high loaded transmission systems
  • Cybersecurity based on IEC 62351 and IEC 62443 for IEC 61850 systems
  • Testing of Protection in a Digital Substation Protection Automation and Control System (SPACS)
  • Design and commissioning of a secure substation network architecture
  • Overcurrent relays coordination optimisation methods in distribution systems for microgrids: a review
  • An Active Protection Scheme for Islanded Microgrids
  • Current Restrained Undervoltage Protection Scheme of Converter Dominated Microgrids
  • A method for predictive out-of-step tripping based on synchrophasors
  • A novel protection scheme for inverter-dominated microgrid
  • Frequency domain analysis of HVDC grid non-unit protection
  • On evaluating a time-domain distance element of a real relay for double-circuit transmission line protection
  • Dealing with uncertainties in non-homogeneous transmission line electrical parameters during traveling wave-based fault location procedures
  • An undervoltage protection function for distributed generators complying with the low-voltage-ride-through requirements
  • Challenges for earth-fault protections due to extensive use of cables in the grid
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