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IET 8th International Conference on Wireless, Mobile & Multimedia Networks

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  • Location: Beijing, China
  • Conference date: 15-17 Nov. 2019
  • ISBN: 978-1-83953-163-7
  • Conference number: CP768
  • The following topics are dealt with: multimedia networks; 3D data; object detection; image unwarping; image compressive sensing; 5G spectrum; cooperative UAVs; decoding; LDPC codes; HSR communication; cooperative communication; cognitive radio; MM-wave communication; edge computing; human behavior; navigation; illegal broadcasts; OFDM signals; mobile communication.

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  • Reducing power spectrum regrowth for concurrent dual-band ofdm signals
  • A Cache-Based Pre-Downloading Scheme for HSR Communication Using C-RAN
  • Lowering the Error Floor of LDPC Codes Based on Bit-Rectification Strategy
  • An efficient decoding implementation of PCGC with lower error floor
  • Fair-Energy Trajectory Plan for Multi-Target Omnidirectional Coverage Based on Cooperative UAVs
  • Tradeoff Between Reliability and Channel Utilization Efficiency for 5G NR in Unlicensed Spectrum
  • Progressive optimal convolutional network for image compressive sensing reconstruction
  • A novel lightweight multimedia network for teacher pose estimation in classroom videos
  • DocGAN:Document Image Unwarping for High-level Vision Task
  • Channel pruning for object detection network
  • Low-Dimensional Multi-Modality Representation for 3D Data
  • Intelligent Identification of Illegal Broadcast Based on Distributed Spectrum Monitoring
  • UAV-ENABLED MEC System: Locations And Coverage Optimization
  • Navigation with low-sampling-rate GPS and smartphone sensors: a data-driven learning-based approach
  • Human behavior identification in elevator based on sensor data
  • Joint offloading strategy and trajectory optimization for aerial-ground cooperative mobile edge computing systems
  • A learning-based beam training method for multi-user milli-meter wave systems
  • Physical Layer Security in NOMA-enabled Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Secure Transmission in Wireless Powered Cooperative Communication Network with Finite Energy Storage
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