8th Renewable Power Generation Conference (RPG 2019)

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  • Location: Shanghai, China
  • Conference date: 24-25 Oct. 2019
  • ISBN: 978-1-83953-125-5
  • Conference number: CP764
  • The following topics are dealt with: wind technology; PV system technology; planning, policy and marketing; system operation and protection, grid integration; other renewable energy sources; energy internet and smart cities.

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  • Coordinated Voltage and Reactive Power Control Scheme of HVAC Meshed Offshore Grid of Offshore Wind Power Plant at Kriegers Flak
  • The Preemptive Virtual Impedance based Fault Current Limiting Control for MMC-HVDC
  • The impedance modelling of mmc for oscillation analysis considering control dynamics and delays
  • A frequency division control for hybrid energy storage system considering the unbalanced current rate of change in dc micro-grid
  • Evaluating and optimizing the evenness of power system load distribution
  • Generation-grid-storage coordinated planning method with renewable portfolio standard
  • Design and Implementation of a Universal Grid Computing Platform Applicable to Optimal Operation of Power Grid
  • An Energy Trading Strategy Considering the Priority of Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles
  • Multi-objective optimal dispatch method based on source-network-load-storage interaction system for DC distribution network
  • Study on voltage segment control strategy of large-scale renewable power base based on hierarchical-partitioned principle
  • Power grid frequency regulation participated by photovoltaic generation to adapt to different control modes of grid-side AGC
  • Design and Application of RTDS & GH Bladed Cosimulation Research Platform for DFIG Wind Turbine
  • Power System Fault Chain Simulation Model Considering the Effect of Geomagnetic Storm
  • Resilience-oriented operation scheme for AC/DC distribution network integrated with distributed energy storage system
  • Synergetic control based on rotor speed regulation with variable proportional coefficient for doubly-fed wind turbines implementing virtual inertia support
  • Research on short-circuit current improvement algorithm of doubly fed wind farm based on low voltage ride through
  • Research on background harmonic evaluation of UHV DC access considering mutual impedance of external nodes of power grid
  • Study on fault process division of wind turbine electrical model validation
  • Individual pitch control strategy for a low wind speed wind turbine
  • Study on The Impact of Communication Network on Reactive Power Control In Wind Farm
  • Quantitative Analysis of Transient Interaction between Wind Farms
  • Reinforcement learning driven self-optimizing operation for distributed battery electrical storage system
  • Sub-synchronous oscillation(SSO) analysis of directdriven permanent magnet synchronous generators(DPMSG)considering influence of phase-locked loop(PLL)
  • Pilot Protection Scheme for Pole-to-ground Fault in DC Distribution Network
  • Current decoupling control under asymmetrical open-circuit faults of dual three-phase PMSG
  • Power control and experiment of 2MW/10kV cascaded h-bridge power conversion system for battery energy storage system
  • Comparison of Modulation and Power Control between Modular Multilevel Converter based Large Scale Battery Energy Storage System and MMC-HVDC
  • Modeling and Simulation of Virtual Synchronous Generator for DFIG wind turbine generator
  • Research on SSO suppression method based on reduced order model and variable structure control
  • Reduced-order model of VSC-HVDC applied to passive network based on optimal reduction algorithm
  • Multi-objective optimal scheduling method for Regional Photovoltaic-Storage-Charging Integrated system Participating in Demand Response
  • A convex model for shipboard grid fault reconfiguration
  • Identification method of the high-resistance single-phase disconnection fault in distribution network based on distributed measurement
  • An Extended Kalman Filtering based Time-Varying Fundamental and Subsynchronous Frequency Tracker
  • Optimal allocation of soft open points in distribution networks based on candidate location opitimization
  • Evaluation Method of Power System Flexibility for Renewable Energy Accommodation
  • An improved fault recovery strategy for active distribution network considering LVRT capability of DG
  • Modeling and analysis of operation boundary for cascaded h-bridge energy storage system with inner phase rapid state of charge balancing
  • Risk assessment of cascading failure in power grid based on brittleness theory of complex system and entropy theory under geomagnetic storm conditions
  • Analysis on Stability of DC Distributed Power System
  • A system state modelling and ABC algorithm optimization for CCHP and smart building
  • Research on voltage stability and optimal operation of DC microgrid
  • Circuit theory-based method for power loss estimation in distribution systems with distributed generator
  • Wind Farm Active Voltage Regulation Strategy of Transient Support Improvement
  • Multi-objecive LPV control of wind energy conversion system under widescale operating conditions
  • Study on Equivalence of MMC Modeling under Multi-dq Frames and Harmonic State Space
  • Impact of the DC voltage control of grid-connected PMSG on electromechanical oscillation stability of power systems
  • Robust load frequency control and integration of electric vehicles and renewable energy in the grid
  • An evaluation method of feeder automation for distribution network considering distributed generation
  • Research on price mechanism of electrical energy storage power station for power grid
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