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Antennas and Propagation Conference 2019 (APC-2019)

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  • Location: Birmingham, UK
  • Conference date: 11-12 Nov. 2019
  • ISBN: 978-1-83953-170-5
  • Conference number: CP762

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  • Comparing Gains of 28 GHz Module-Based Phased Antenna Arrays on a 5G Mobile Phone
  • 8×8 MIMO Antenna System with Coupled-Fed Elements For 5G Handsets
  • User Effect on Antenna Cluster Based MIMO Antenna
  • Compact Tunable Microstrip Filter with Wide-Stopband Restriction and Wide Tuning Range for 4G and 5G Applications
  • A novel dual-polarised transmitarray for beamsteering at 28 GHz
  • Hybrid Log Shield
  • Characterization of RF signals in Different Types of Water
  • On the behaviour of leaky waves in te extraordinary terahertz transmission
  • Examination of spherical antenna far-field scattering suppression through electromagnetic simulation
  • Electromagnetic multilayer absorber made of carbon fibers loaded epoxy foam
  • A compact design of orthogonally dual-polarized antenna for ultra-wideband , imaging, and radar applications
  • Novel conformal automotive di-patch antenna verified through car door frame measurements
  • Design of electrically small planar monopole antenna using magnetodielectric materials in VHF band
  • A broadband circular polarization diamond slot antenna
  • Enhance the Optical Intensity of a THz Photomixer Using a Plasmonic Material Filled Two Dimensional Photonic Crystal
  • Hybrid terahertz antenna design for body-centric applications
  • Antenna development for multi-functional wireless health monitoring sensor
  • Wideband 3D Performance Analysis of a Modular Antenna Array in a Street Canyon Scenario for 5G Networks
  • Characterisation of Doppler shift in Millimetre Wave Vehicular Channel
  • The Effect o f the Vehicle Size on the V2V Radio Channel
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