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9th International Conference on Imaging for Crime Detection and Prevention (ICDP-2019)

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  • Location: London, UK
  • Conference date: 16-18 Dec. 2019
  • ISBN: 978-1-83953-109-5
  • Conference number: CP760
  • The following topics are dealt with: behavior detection, vehicle detection, human interaction, localisation, text recognition, computer vision, CPU, GPU, Iris recognition, feature extraction.

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  • Behavior detection as a privacy-enhancing security technology in prison cells
  • Triplet Permutation Method for Deep Learning of Single-Shot Person Re-Identification
  • Semi-automatic progressive enhancement for latent fingerprints
  • Spatial Signatures for EEG-based Biometric Person Recognition
  • Iris Image Recognition using Optimized Kohonen Self Organizing Neural Network
  • Biometric Presentation Attack Detection Using Stimulated Pupillary Movements
  • Feature Extraction Techniques for Human Emotion Identification from Face Images
  • CPU vs GPU performance of deep learning based face detectors using resized images in forensic applications
  • impress: A Forensic Footwear Impression Dataset
  • Drop impact dynamics of bloodstain on fabric
  • Illegally Parked Vehicle Detection using Deep Learning and Key-point Tracking
  • Human Interaction Proofs (HIPs) Based on Multistable Images and Brauer Configuration Algebras (BCA)
  • Vitality Evaluation System for Street Architectures Based on Mobile OD Data
  • Robust Framework for Human Localization and Detection in Moving Train Carriage
  • Improving Text Recognition in Tor darknet with Rectification and Super-Resolution techniques
  • Multi-block fusion for vehicle re-identification
  • Computer vision meets visual analytics: enabling 4D crime scene investigation from image and video data
  • Domain Adversarial Training for Infrared-colour Person Re-Identification
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