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2nd Smart Cities Symposium (SCS 2019)

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  • Location: Bahrain, Bahrain
  • Conference date: 24-26 March 2019
  • ISBN: 978-1-83953-107-1
  • Conference number: CP758
  • The following topics are dealt with: smart cities; town and country planning; traffic engineering computing; Internet of Things; sustainable development; learning (artificial intelligence); mobile computing; cloud computing; road traffic; road vehicles.

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  • Public Food Project - Framework for Public Food Network for Smart Cities
  • Internet of Things and Intelligent Peltier Cold/Hot Air Conditioning system
  • Ethnicity Recognition Under Difficult Scenarios Using HOG
  • Improving Obfuscated key Generation Phase for Secret Pairwise Vehicular Communication Sessions
  • Evaluation of Web Application Session Security
  • A novel approach to mitigate IoT Gateway disconnectivity using fallback mechanism
  • A Comparative Analysis on Security of MQTT Brokers
  • Literature Review for Videoconferencing in Court “E-Justice-Kingdom of Bahrain”
  • The Smart Mosque of the Arabian Gulf: Solutions from the past for a sustainable, energy-efficient Mosque
  • Smart cultural heritage: technologies and applications
  • Launching Smart Cities to Support the Economic Diversification in the GCC Region
  • Designing of an Immaculate Smart City with Cloud Based Predictive Analytics
  • Scalable Parallel SVM on Cloud Clusters for Large Datasets Classification
  • Evaluation of Bayesian Classifier for Salt Dome Detection using Texture analysis
  • Using Gabor Filter Bank with Downsampling and SVM for Visual Sign Language Alphabet Recognition
  • Magneto-caloric-effect-based Quasi-static Cooling System
  • Blockchain Security Architecture: A Review Technology Platform, Security Strength and Weakness
  • IoT Security: A review of Cybersecurity Architecture and Layers
  • MPC Track Follower for Self-Driving Cars
  • Smart Emergency Response System for Road Accidents with Automatic Accident Detection
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