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Living in the Internet of Things (IoT 2019)

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  • Location: London, UK
  • Conference date: 1-2 May 2019
  • ISBN: 978-1-83953-089-0
  • Conference number: CP756
  • The following topics are dealt with: Internet of Things; security of data; data privacy; Internet; home automation; risk management; cloud computing; innovation management; production engineering computing; building management systems.

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  • The Forgotten I in IIoT: a vulnerability scanner for industrial internet of things
  • A Socio-technical Ethical Process for Managing Access to Smart Building Data
  • Complex coupling in cyber-physical systems and the threats of fake data
  • From Observatory to Laboratory: A Pathway to Data Evolution
  • The internet of food things: adding value to the digitalisation of the UK food supply chain
  • Cyber risk management in satellite systems
  • A simplified approach for dynamic security risk management in connected and autonomous vehicles
  • Emerging Privacy Challenges and Approaches in CAV Systems
  • Key Security Challenges for Cloud-assisted Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
  • How Shared IoT Data Infrastructure Enables the Future of Transportation
  • Supporting Older Adults Using Privacy-Aware IoT Analytics
  • Value creation for IoT: challenges and opportunities within the design and development process
  • Internet of things based pervasive sensing of psychological anxiety via wearable devices under naturalistic settings
  • Autonomous economic agents
  • Towards a semantic modelling for threat analysis of IoT applications: a case study on transactive energy
  • Energy in schools: promoting global change through socio technical deployments
  • Creating & supporting IoT innovation ecosystems: lessons from CityVerve
  • The Value of Personal Data in Iot : Industry Perspectives on Consumer Conceptions of Value
  • Innovation ecosystems: greater than the sum of their parts?
  • Exploring the Risks of Children Engaging with Programmable Iot
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