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Tenth International Conference on Computational Electromagnetics (CEM 2019)

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  • Location: Edinburgh, UK
  • Conference date: 19-20 June 2019
  • ISBN: 978-1-83953-066-1
  • Conference number: CP753
  • The following topics are dealt with: finite element analysis; optimisation; eddy currents; synchronous motors; permanent magnet motors; rotors; lightning protection; power cable insulation; electromagnetic fields; electromagnetic compatibility.

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  • Validation and verification in CEM: what is the difference? Towards a common vocabulary for describing the accuracy of CEM models and comparisons with measurements
  • Consideration of ferromagnetic anisotropy in electrical machines built of segmented silicon steel sheets
  • Uncertainty identification method using kriging surrogate model for industrial electromagnetic device
  • New closed-form proximity-effect complex permeability expression for characterizing Litz-Wire windings
  • Comparison of stochastic reduced order model and stochastic collocation methods for the sensitivity analysis of crosstalk
  • A Methodology Utilising Ingress Power Calculation for Realistic Electromagnetic Simulation Studies (IPCRESS)
  • Optical Racetrack Resonators for Strain Sensing Applications
  • 3D Modelling of Partial Discharge within Epoxy-Resin Dielectric of Cables for Distribution and Transmission Networks
  • Design and Analysis of Wireless Power Transfer Systems Insensitive to Distance and Position Variation
  • PEEC based Design Optimization of NFC Antennas Considering the Full System Quality Factor
  • An Improved PML Implementation In The Transmission Line Method
  • Trends in Computational Electromagnetics - Many Core Computing, 3R-Strategies, Information Content
  • Modelling of structural joints for lightning direct effect studies
  • Analytical approach for an EMS eddy current MAGLEV problem
  • Topology Optimization of Rotor in Synchronous Motor for Wide Speed Range by the GA with Cluster of Materials and Cleaning Procedure
  • Numerical Computation of Lightning Time-Domain Voltages Using the Fourier Analysis and the Finite Element Method
  • Optimal control of 3-phase induction machine exploiting a FEM model
  • Simulation of the Electric Field in High Voltage Direct Current Cables and the Influence on the Environment
  • An efficient steady-state analysis of the eddy current problem using a parallel-in-time algorithm
  • Sensitivity Analysis for Robust Performance of Electrical Machines Affected by Manufacturing Tolerance
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