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36th International Communications Satellite Systems Conference (ICSSC 2018)

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  • Location: Niagara Falls, ON, Canada
  • Conference date: 15-18 Oct. 2018
  • ISBN: 978-1-83953-065-4
  • Conference number: CP752
  • The following topics are dealt with: satellite communication; satellite links; telecommunication traffic; wireless channels; radiofrequency interference; mobile satellite communication; interference suppression; digital video broadcasting; precoding; direct broadcasting by satellite.

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  • Overlapping Clustering for Beam-hopping Systems
  • Rateless codes for satellite systems over rain fading channels
  • Distributed precoding for multiple satellite systems with overlapping coverage areas
  • A Mitigation Technique for Adjacent Channel Interference in Communication Satellites
  • Adaptive Resources Allocation for Flexible Payload Enabling VHTS Systems: Methodology and Architecture
  • Modifications to Multi-beam Systems for DRRM
  • Adaptive Onboard Compensation of Non-Linear HPAs and Imperfect Butler Matrices in Multiport Amplifiers for High Throughput Satellites
  • Productized Multicarrier Predistortion Total Throughput Gains around 20% over Linearized Channels in True Customer Use Cases
  • Novel RF Architectures and Technologies for VSAT
  • V-band low-noise amplifier module for high throughput satellite applications
  • A Modular Architecture for Low Cost Phased Array Antenna System for Ka-Band Mobile Satellite Communication
  • On the Capacity of Asynchronous Cooperative Noma in Multibeam Satellite Systems
  • A COTS-Based Software-Defined Communication System Platform and Applications in LEO
  • Satellite Payload Design for Cislunar Communications
  • Research and development approach to realize flexible optical ground network operations for effective data downlink from space to ground
  • Diversity Architectures for High Data Rate Ground-toSatellite Optical and EHF Links
  • On the VHF radio channel for the data exchange system via satellite (VDE-SAT); experimental results from the NorSat-2 Satellite Experiment
  • Field trials of the VHF data exchange system (VDES) satellite downlink component
  • Demonstration of Autonomous Bandwidth Allocation Scheme using SC-FDMA subcarrier switching
  • Robust initial access technique of spread spectrum based on DVB-RCS2 standard for mobile application
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