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Smart Cities Symposium 2018

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  • Location: Bahrain, Bahrain
  • Conference date: 22-23 April 2018
  • ISBN: 978-1-78561-942-7
  • Conference number: CP747
  • The following topics are dealt with: Internet of Things; town and country planning; microcontrollers; learning (artificial intelligence); cloud computing; Internet; traffic engineering computing; mobile computing; compressive strength; construction industry.

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  • Lightweight Identity-based Cryptographic Framework for Smart Vehicles: Cryptographic Proof
  • Children Safety Using Smartwatch with Anomaly Detection Approach Model
  • A Recruitment and Human Resource Management Technique Using Blockchain Technology for Industry 4.0
  • A Framework for Evaluation of Cyber Security Challenges in Smart Cities
  • Maximum power point tracking of photovoltaic systems by accurate prediction of maximum power voltage
  • Resistor-less low-power voltage reference
  • Feasibility study of a standalone DC house: energy savings opportunities and capital costs assessment
  • A General Methodology Made Cleaned PV Energy Panels for Bahrain and UK
  • Renewable Energy Using Integrated Solid Waste Management System for Smart Cities
  • Design and Implementation of Energy Management Systems for Bahrain Smart Cities
  • Automated Smart Solar Irrigation System
  • Bahrain Intelligent Street LightingA Study to Retrofit Bahrain Street Lighting
  • Artificial Intelligence Enabled IoT: Traffic Congestion Reduction in Smart Cities
  • Traffic Signs Identification by Deep Learning for Autonomous Driving
  • Traffic Microsimulation Model for Bahrain: A Step Towards Smart Traffic System
  • Toward Smart Logistics: A New Algorithm for a Multi-Objective 3D Bin Packing Problem
  • Electricity Generating and Monitoring System using IoT
  • Impact of IoT Device Saturation on Home WiFi Networks
  • IoT School Bus: Children Safety
  • An automated greenhouse system using agricultural internet of things for better crop yield
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