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9th International Conference on Pattern Recognition Systems (ICPRS 2018)

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  • Location: Valparaíso, Chile
  • Conference date: 22-24 May 2018
  • ISBN: 978-1-78561-887-1
  • Conference number: CP745
  • The following topics are dealt with: medical image processing; image classification; object detection; image segmentation; computer vision; text analysis; feature extraction; neural nets; positron emission tomography; image denoising.

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  • 3D Multi-Scale Convolution Nets for Pulmonary Nodule Detection
  • Convolutional Neural Networks Applied to Multiple Sclerosis Lesion Segmentation on 3D Brain Magnetic Resonance Images
  • Dynamic PET image denoising
  • Dynamic PET reconstruction using KIBF 4D filter within reconstruction algorithm
  • Detection of People Boarding/Alighting a Metropolitan Train using Computer Vision
  • Unsupervised Band Selection in Hyperspectral Images using Autoencoder
  • Bees Algorithm for Efficiently Separating n-Dimensional Polynomials
  • A multi-directional Gradient with Bi-Geometric Calculus to Detect Contours in Images with Multiplicative Noise
  • Boosting Text Clustering using Topic Selection
  • A dataset of Warped Historical Arabic Documents
  • Automatic Opinion Classification Using Conformal Predictors
  • Semi-supervised regression based on tree SOMs for predicting students performance
  • An Enhanced Algorithmic Approach for Automatic Defects Detection in Green Coffee Beans
  • Silhouette-based human action recognition with a multi-class support vector machine
  • Towards landmarks prediction with Deep Network
  • Motorcycle detection and classification in urban Scenarios using a model based on Faster R-CNN
  • Considerations on anisotropic models of image processing based on partial differential equations
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