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CSAA/IET International Conference on Aircraft Utility Systems (AUS 2018)

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  • Location: Guiyang, China
  • Conference date: 19-22 June 2018
  • ISBN: 978-1-78561-791-1
  • Conference number: CP743
  • The following topics are dealt with: system design of MEA at aircraft level, hydraulic power, electrical power, actuation systems, environmental control systems, onboard safety, rescue and protection system, landing gear and brake control, fuel systems, aviation physiology and ergonomics, fire protection, pneumatics, test equipment, ice protection (anti-icing and deicing), auxiliary power, utilities management systems, health monitoring, and other vehicle onboard functional systems.
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    • Thrust Allocation Modes Design and Analysis of Propulsion Controlled Aircraft
      Research on A Power-by-wire - More-electric Actuation Technology
      Aileron Architecture Exploration and Optimization Based on Reliability and Expected Roll Control Effects
    • Analysis on Hydrodynamic Pressure-loading Effect of Port Plate Pairs with Bionic Non-smooth Surface for Sea Water Low-speed and High-torque Hydraulic Motor
      Reduction of linear drive collaborative rectification pump flow ripple
      The Analysis of Multi-cylinder Synchronization in the Load Simulation System for Reciprocating Seals
      Experiment Study of Noise in a Flapper-Nozzle Valve under Pulsing Inlet Pressure of the Nozzle
      Design of a Biomorphic Groove Dry Gas Seal Based on Fishtail Outlines
      Parameter Optimization for Dynamic Performance of a New Hydraulic Relief Valve in Coal Mine
      Characterization of the pressure-driven flows for droplet microfluidics
      Study on working characteristics of High Frequency Electro-hydraulic cleaner
      Modeling and Simulation of System-Level Temperature for Airliner Hydraulic System in a Full Flight Mission Profile
      Elastohydrodynamic lubrication characteristics of an O-ring hydraulic rod seal during transient operation
      Study on a New Damper for Hydraulically Interconnected Suspension and Its Response Characterization
      Integration of the displacement sensor in the actuator
      Investigation on Numerical Computational Methodology for the Flow Characteristics of Aviation Piston Pump
      Research on Power Calculation of Airborne Hydraulic System
      A Test Method For the Static and Dynamic Characteristics of Servo-Motor-Pumps
      Control and Influence of Valve Condition on Compression Stroke of Hydraulic Free Piston Engine
      Variable-pressure Pump with Direct Drive Valve of Multi-body Spool
      A Study on the Influence of Filling Rate on the Oil Leakage of Aircraft Steering Actuator
      Thermal Modeling and Analysis of Oil-cooled High Speed Permanent Magnet Motor in the EHA System
      Burst Analysis of the Aircraft Bootstrap Reservoir
      Structure Analysis and Optimization Design of the Vx-ring
      Test verification method for whole life cycle of equipment qualification test
      Research on the Cavitation in the Pilot Stage of Flapper-Nozzle Hydraulic Servovalve with Fluid-Structure Interaction
      Analysis of Driving Torque on Swashplate with an Additional Angle for Aeronautical Hydraulic Axial Piston Pump
      Design of Electric Hydrostatic Actuator
      Study on Fatigue Life of Aircraft Hydraulic Pipeline under Stress Damage of Water Hammer and Vibration
      An abrasive wear model between valve plate and cylinder block in axial piston pumps
      Research on Flow Characteristic for a Novel Twodimensional Two-piston Pump
      Analysis of the fluid vibration transmission path of high speed and high pressure axial piston pump
      Influence of Friction Term on Fluid-structure Interaction Vibration Characteristics of Pipeline
      Indeterminate Mechanics Model for Bearing Capacity of Constant Flow Oil Pocket in Hydrostatic Slide
      Sensitivity analysis of fluid vibration system for high speed and high pressure axial piston pump
      Instantaneous Pressure in Chambers of The Novel Collaborative Rectification Structure Pump
      A novel electro-hydrostatic asymmetric actuator with double displacement hydraulic pump
      Performance Analysis of Mechanical Seal in Aviation Axial Piston Pump
      Modeling of Degradation Process of Reciprocating Seal Based on Gaussian Copula Function
      Dual valve controlled energy recovery EHA
      Modeling and Simulation of a Distributed Electric Propulsion Aircraft by Modelica
      Multidisciplinary Real-time Simulation System of Commercial Aircraft Hydraulic System based on AMESim and Veristand
      A Sealing Performance Analysis for the Corner of a Rotary Vane Seal Based on ANSYS
      A Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation for aircraft Braking System
      Thermal Analysis for Hydraulic Powering System of a Certain Type Aircraft
      An Intelligent High Lift System Hydraulic Wing Tip Brake Response Time Optimization Research
      Adaptive Neural Network Control of Two-DOF Robotic Arm driven by Electro-hydraulic Actuator with Output Constraint
      CFD Simulation of Port Plate Pair Loading Capacity with Bionic Non-smooth Surface of Low-speed and High-torque Seawater Hydraulic Motor
      Finite Element Analysis of Electromagnetic Field and Pump Sleeve of Axial Piston Hydraulic Motor Pump Based on ANSYS
    • An Extensible Multi Channel Servo Control Device for Marine Application
      Design of Aircraft Power Failure Detection System Based on Labview
      Optimization on the Transmission Distance and Efficiency of Magnetic Resonant WPT System
      The relationship between robust control and LQG control And its application in the medium frequency inverter
      End force analysis and optimization of an axially magnetized cylindrical permanent-magnet linear motor for free-piston Stirling power generating system
      Active Gate Driver for Crosstalk Suppression of GaN Devices in Aviation bridge inverter
      A Compact Motor Drive System Design for Integrated Joint of Space Manipulator
      Design of a wide-range input double-tube parallel forward-excitation switching power supply
      Analytical Calculation of Winding Inductances of Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motor Accounting for Stator Slots
      Capacitor Voltage Balance Control of Active Neutral Point Clamped Five-Level Inverter
      Research on Energy Management Strategy for Power Supply System of More Electrical Aircraft based on Fuzzy Control Rules
      Modeling and Simulation of Combinable AC Source based on SiC MOSFET
      A Speed Sensorless Control Strategy for a Dual Three-Phase Linear Induction Motor Based on SMFEKF
      Modeling and simulation of aircraft electrical system based on Dymola
      Sensorless Control Of Dual-Three Phase PMSM Based Aircraft Electric Starter/Generator System Using Model Reference Adaptive System Method
      Simulation Calculation of a Superconducting Monopolar Generator for Airborne Applications
      The Research and Application of the Full Silicon Carbide Power Module in High-Power Inverter
      Shaping SiC MOSFET Switching Transients by Closed-loop Gate Drive for Reduced EMI Generation
      Research on Architecture of Airborne Integrated Starter/Generator Power Supply Management Center
      Carrier Based PWM with Harmonics Injection for Multiphase Induction Motor Drive
      Sliding Mode Controller for Current Decreasing of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with LC Filter
      Research on 270V/28V aviation bidirectional DC/DC converter
      Characterization and Reduction of Zeroth Spatial-Order Radial Force in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines
      Reduction of Low-Frequency Noise and Vibration for Low-Speed High-Torque Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines
      Comparison of Motor Loss between PMSMs Driven by SiC Inverter and Si Inverter
      Analysis of Electromagnetic Force Characteristics of a Hybrid Excited Brushless Aircraft Generator
      Multiport DC/DC Converters for the More Electric Aircraft
    • Aircraft Attitude Control System Design Considering Actuator Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm
      Trim Computation for Steady-state Flight of an Aircraft based on Simulation
      Typical failure mode and effect analysis of flight control electromechanical actuation system
      Active Ankle Prosthesis Powered by Electrohydrostatic Actuation Technology: Design and Implementation
      Efficiency Evaluation of Current Aircraft' Hydraulic System Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process and Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process
      Design and Simulation of New Cabin Door Retractable System
      Adaptive Robust Control Based on Varying Force Coefficient for a Novel Permanent Magnetic Linear Machine
      A New Control Algorithm For Energy-Regulation Electro-Hydrostatic Actuator
      The magnetic field of mathematical simulation and control method of two stators and rotors structure actuators research
      Multi-discipline simulation of electro-hydrostatic Actuator with Modelica
      Safety Analysis of Actuation System of More Electric Aircraft
      ESO-Based Adaptive Robust Force Control of Linear Electric Load Simulator
      Initiated Actuator Built-In-Test Analysis and Design Based On Hydraulic-Actuation System Simulation
      Kinematics Simulation for Ball Screw Transmission Stewart Platform Based on ADAMS
      Analysis and correction of oil leakage of a hydraulic actuator
      Variable Camber Differential Flap Technology Applied in Aircraft High Lift System
      Robust Adaptive Tracking Control of Hydraulic Actuators with Unmodeled Friction Dynamics
      Status and Development of Electrically Powered Actuators for Aerospace Application
      The Dynamics of a High Power Dual Electro-Hydrostatic Actuator
      An Electric Nose Wheel Steering System for Aircrafts
      Research on reliability of actuating cylinder based on Copula Model
      Dynamic Model for Planetary Gear Train in a Aircraft Rotary Actuator
      A Dual Redundancy Nose Wheel Steering Servo System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
      Accurate Modeling of a High Speed on/off Valve Actuator
      Research on A Lightweight Integrated Four-channel Electromechanical Actuation System
      A Study on High Static Friction of Steering Actuator
      Research on Robust Adaptive Control Algorithm of Position-control System based on Valve-controlled Hydraulic Cylinder with Variable Pressure
      Modeling and Identification of Precise Cable Drive mechanism
      Self-starting Characteristic Simulation of the U-Core Motor
      Design and Verification of Rotary Hydraulic Shimmy Damper
      Simulation study of EHA with four-quadrant energy regulation based on hydraulic damping valve scheme
      Modeling and Simulation of a Direct Drive Actuator
      Study on load torque disturbance observation and compensation in electromechanical actuator
      EHA Position System Simulation Based on Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control
      Research of Control Algorithm for actuator used for Helicopter's Active Vibration Control
    • Design Method of the Recirculation System Based on Cabin Air Requirements
      Modeling for Commercial Aircraft Environment Control System Ramp Noise
      The environment temperature control method in the low pressure chamber
      Heating performance simulation of double-wall pipe for aircraft liquid cooling system
      Dynamic Numerical Investigation Of Airborne Vapor Cycle Cooling System
      Research on Performance Simulation of Vehicle Air Conditioning System
      The verification of cabin temperature compliance in the case of aircraft ETOPS flight with cold day emergency ventilation
      Air Flow Organization Simulation of AC313 Cabin Air Conditioning Based on Airpak
      Design and Analysis of a High-speed Centrifugal Refrigerant Compressor
      The quantified research of the turbulence model of ejector based on CFD
      Research on the Relationship between Humidity and Performance of Air Cycle Refrigeration System
      Study on Enthalpy Efficiency of Wet Heat Exchanger
      Test and Analysis of Dynamic Characteristics of Some Aviation Turbine Cooler's Rotor System
      Performance analysis of the power turbine in a environmental control system
      Research of Key Technologies for the More Electrical Aircraft Electric Cabin Supply Air System
      CFD Modeling of Flow and Heat Transfer of Supercritical Helium in Capillary Tube
      PSSA of Cabin Pressure Control System Based on Finite-State Machine Model
      Integration Schemes for Heat Sink of the Airborne Environmental Control and Thermal Management System
      Numerical simulation of flow boiling in microchannels during maneuvering flight
      Numerical investigation of influence of structure and operating parameters on performance of vortex oil filter
      Analysis of Disturbance Characteristics of UAV Fuel Thermal Management System
      Influence of Geometrical Parameters on Dust Removal Performance of Cyclone Dust Collector for Bleed Air System of ECS
      Thermal Comfort Study in Aircraft Cabin Based on Human Thermal Regulation Model
      Effect of evaporator tilt on the startup performance of loop heat pipe with non-condensable gas
      Analysis of Heat Leakage in the Environmental Control Cabin
      Analysis of micro-channel flow boiling thermodynamic characteristics
      Experimental Study of a Nitrogen Loop Heat Pipe for Cooling Large Area Heat Source
      Calculation of Infrared Radiation Characteristics of Aircraft Environmental Control System Exhaust
      Performance Analysis of Organic Rankine Cycle for Low-Grade Waste Heat Recovery in Industry
      Study on Sampling Method for Performance Curve of Centrifugal Compressor
      Numerical Simulation Study on Air-swept Capillary Tube Bundle
    • Design of High Reliability Hysteresis Damping Motor with Adjustable Torque for Fighter
      Research on the Optimized Simulation of the Kinematic Parameters of an Advanced Ejection Seat
      Research on helicopter water-landing monitoring technology
      Design of delethalization test equipment for civil aviation seat
      Safe Escape Envelop Predict method based on seat performance and attitude prediction
      Evaluation the performance of a typical seat belt restraint system for carrier-based aircraft during arrested landing process
      Development and Verification of the Simplified Analysis Method to calculate the Emergency Evacuation Time for Civil Aircraft
      Particular Risk Analysis Method of Tire Burst for Civil Aircraft Flight Control System
      Reviews of Emergency Evacuation Slides for Commercial Aircraft
      Calculation Analysis on Dynamics of Integrated Canopy System
    • Simulation and Analysis Research on Dynamic Performance of Hydraulic Brake Valve
      Research on Simulation of Aircraft's Landing Gear Retraction System Considering Multi-Discipline Coupled Factor
      Design of Landing Gear Shock Absorber Using Magnetorheological Fluid
      Research and Development for Landing Gear Test Interface Unit for One Type Aircraft
      Simulation Analysis on the Performance of Hydraulic Fuse for Aircraft Brake
      Design and Experiment of Magnetorheological Shimmy Damper Controller Based on Deep Neural Network
      Analysis of Required Landing Distance on Performance Improvement of Civil Aircraft
      Technology Research on Deflector jet Brake Pressure Servo-Valve
      Analysis & Simulation Modeling for Brake Control System of Civil Aircraft
      The Optimization Design of Safety Valve used in Aircraft based on AMESim Simulation
      Research of Reconstruction Technology in Aircraft Anti-skid Braking System Based on Shortest Path Method
      Design and Verification of Aircraft Electro-hydraulic Servo Nose Wheel Steering System
      Aircraft Anti-skid Braking Active Disturbance Rejection Control Based on Optimal Slip Ratio
      Research on the Pressure Peak of Landing Gear Uplock Opening for Civil Aircraft
      A pressure servo device based on switching valves designed for more-electric aircraft brake system
      Seal Failure Mode and Effects Analysis for Retractable Actuator of Landing Gear
    • Research on the Flow Performance of Airborne Flame Arrestor
      Research on the fuel tank flammability exposure assessment method based on domestic fuel
      Study on the Center Gravity Control Strategy of Tandem Aircraft Fuel Tank
      The study and Optimization of noise in a fuel pump
      Design of a Type of the Fuel Valve Distribution Motor Mechanism
      Effect of Simple Harmonic Vibration on the Mechanical Face Seals of Aero-engine Pump
      Electromagnetic Coupling Analysis on Coaxial Cable of Aircraft Fuel Measurement System
    • Configuration Design and Kinematic Analysis of the Self-Alignment Type Finger Exoskeleton Mechanism
      Study on the application of fuzzy synthetic evaluation method in the ergonomics evaluation of UAV Ground Station
      Survey on introducing touch-screen into civil aircraft cockpit: opinions of aircraft designers and pilots
      Analysis of Pilot Eye Behavior in Emergency of Mechanical Failure
      An individualized human thermoregulation model based on Tanabe's 65MN
      The Research on Influence Factors of Pilots' Situation Awareness Upon Analytic Hierarchy
    • Effects of Physical Parameters of Multiphase Flow on Fire Water Monitor Based on Fluent
      Effects of Structural Parameters on Hydraulic Performance of Flow Regulator
      Quantitative dust test technology for point-type smoke detectors
      Correspondence Analysis of Aircraft Fire Accidents: Damage Degree and Three Influence Factors
      Study on the response/recovery properties of the gas sensing technique based on the detection of pressure difference
      Numerical simulation of the influence of the pipes structure on the measurement results of a pressure differential gas concentration measuring equipment
      A Study of Thermal Decomposition Properties and Kinetic Analysis of Aviation WPCB Substrate
      Analysis of Hydraulic System with Fire-Protection Airworthiness Items in a certain type of Civil Aircraft
      Simulation on Flow Rate Characteristics of Gas Fire Extinguishing Agent with Expansion Nozzle Based on AMESim
    • Study On the Correlation Between the Dynamic Test of Airfoil Wind Tunnel and CFD Calculation
      Analysis on Clearance Seals in Miniature Multistage Swash Plate Compressor Considering Piston Motion Effects
      Modeling and Characterization of a Cantilevered Polyvinylidene Fluoride Layer Generator Impacted by Dissipative Pneumatic Pressure
      Simulation of Temperature Field within an Unsteady Pneumatic System with Constant Volume
      A Study of reflection effect in air-coupled Lamb wave gas flow detection system
      Research on pneumatic-electric hybrid control system based on velocity positive feedback in vertical working condition
      Effects of Bulges on the Seal Performance of Rubgrooved Labyrinth Seal
      A Tailless Butterfly-type Ornithopter with Low Aspect Ratio Wings
      Experimental study of a combined heat-power-cool system
    • Design of a Portable Outfield Test System for Aero Engine Ignition Component
      Study on the Heavy-load Vibration Reduction Platform Based on the Dual-track Rocket Sled
      Study on Measurement Error of Angle of Deviation and Offset Distance of Roadheader by Single-station, Multipoint and Time-shared Measurement System Based on iGPS
      A New Automatic Tracking and Shooting Technique Used in Seat Ejection Test Based on Image Recognition
      Research on the influence of winding mode in LVDT
      A Highly-Decoupling Triangular Tactile Sensor Structure for Three-axial Force Measurement Based on Floating Comb Electrodes
      A New Testing System For High-Speed Motors
      Approximate Engineering Method for Detection of Magneto-resistive Proximity Sensor
      Design of engine bleed air simulation test bench temperature control system based on humanoid intelligence
      Research on the Wave Field Characteristics of Leakage Lamb Wave Based on Air Coupling Technology
      Research on Auxiliary Target Plate in Civil Aircraft Passenger Seat Occupant Head Path Test
      Fusion Moment Invariant Recognition of Aircraft
      A Design of Hardware-in-the-loop Real-time Simulation for Large-scale Complex Electromechanical System
      Design and Experiment of High Speed Motor Test System
      Research on Harmonic Eddy Current Magnetic Field Detection of Buried Steel Pipeline
      The Top-Level Design Architecture of Iron Bird
    • Numerical Calculation for Water Droplet Parameters Change and Its Effect on Impingement property in Icing Wind Tunnel
      Numerical study of the effect on airfoil icing with different parameters
      Study of the Design and Performance Calculation of the Wing Hot-Air Anti-Icing System
      Optimization for electric heating power's distribution on electro-thermal anti-icing surface
      Numerical Simulation of Aircraft Icing Based on the Szilder Random-Walk model
      Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Velocity on the Central Collision Between Two Water Droplets
      Simulation on Electro-Thermal Anti-icing System with Composite Materials
      Transient Heat Transfer Characteristics of Round Jet Impacting on Inclined Concave Cylindrical Surface Based on Thermochromic Liquid Crystal
      Three-dimensional Ice Accretion Using Revised Myers Model
    • Design and Research of Large Aircrafts Auxiliary Power Unit System Inlet Door Position Control
      Study on the rotation speed control method for Ram Air Turbine System
    • A Design of Zynq-SoC-Based Miniaturized Navigation Controller
    • An incipient fault diagnosis method for axial piston pump based on the Teager energy operator
      Application of compressed sensing in remote fault diagnosis of hydraulic pump
      Design of an in-situ Test Equipment for the Proximity Sensor of the Aircraft Cabin Door
      An Aircraft Level Fault Simulation Platform to Promote Integrated Vehicle Health Management Technology
      Simulation on neural networks for DUET-based delay estimation of abrasive debris signal separation
      Research on Tool Wear Monitoring of Aero-engine Parts machining
      The Identification of Aviation Arc Fault Based on the BP Neural Network
      State Monitoring Technology of Advanced Aircraft Hydraulic System
      Dual-redundancy sensor fault diagnosis of fuel metering unit based on real-time residual window
      Fault Diagnosis of the Speed Sensor of Electromechanical Transmission of the High Speed Rotorcraft
      Clamps Looseness Detection of Hydraulic Pipelines Based on Convolutional Neural Network
      A Multidimensional Space Based Fault-Tolerant Control System Design Method for Commercial Aircraft
      Remaining useful life prediction based on particle filtering for high-speed pump in load sensing electro-hydrostatic actuator
      Adaptive Echo Suppression Method Based on Affine Projection Algorithm in Acoustic Emission Detection
      Blind Identification of Pipeline Damage Using Independent Component Analysis with Wavelet Transform
      Study on the cleaning mechanism of the fouling of the compressor blade
      Fault Diagnosis for Hydraulic Actuator of a Turbofan Control System Based on PCA
      Mission-Oriented Reliability Prediction for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Swarm using Consecutive k-out-of-n Structure
      Design of a Sub-Scale Model Aircraft for Airplane Fault-tolerant Control Algorithm Testing
      Crack Propagation-Based Remaining Useful Life Prediction of the Belleville Spring in Linear Oscillating Motor
      A Bayesian Evaluation Method for Equipment Testability Based on Multiple Prior Information
      A New Discrete Frequency Spectrum Correction Method For Extremely High Frequency Signal
      Fault Diagnosis of Electromechanical Actuator Based on Principal Component Analysis and Support Vector Machine
      Maintenance cost prediction and evaluation of new airplane for general aircraft
      A Hybrid Fault Diagnosis Method of Electromechanical Actuator Combining Model-Based and Data-Driven
    • Error Modeling Analysis of Airborne Radar Antenna Servo Mechanism
      Design and Analysis of Small Pole-climbing Robot
      Research on a System Evolution Hazard Model
      Conformal End-Fire Antennas for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
      The Dynamics Analysis and Simulation of Civil Aircraft Open Mechanism Based on Hamilton's principle
      Design of Airborne Platform Control System Circuit Based on DSP and FPGA
      Force modeling and control of servo motor control loading system in flight simulator
      The Dynamic Simulation of Hinge Arm of Civil Aircraft Cabin Door Based on LMS Motion
      A Study on Electromagnet Attraction Characteristics Based on Maxwell
      Application of AUKF in GNSS/INS Integrated Navigation
      Thermal Field Analysis and Optimization of the U-core Permanent-magnet Motor