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19th Italian National Conference on Photonic Technologies (Fotonica 2017)

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  • Location: Padua, Italy
  • Conference date: 3-5 May 2017
  • ISBN: 978-1-78561-757-7
  • Conference number: CP735
  • The following topics are dealt with: optical devices; optical fibre networks; biomedical optical imaging; optical sensors; lasers; nanosensors; fibre optic sensors; spectroscopy; optical microscopy.
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    • Optical network slicing approaches with carrier ethernet tests
      Up to 4 × 192 LTE-A radio waveforms transmission in a point to multipoint architecture for massive fronthauling solutions
      Spectrum fragmentation metrics and their use in optical channel allocation algorithms
      Street-aware Algorithm for Optimal dimensioning of protected-PON in very large regions
      EIT-like all-dielectric metamaterials with phase changing layers for all-optical switching applications
      Effect of Saturation Velocity in Germanium p-i-n Photodetectors
      Low-cost optical wireless communication system for video signal distribution in the LUMENTILE™ project
      Design of a Silicon-Graphene Schottky Photodetecor Integrated with an Optical Cavity At 1550 Nm
      Diffractive optics for OAM-mode division multiplexing in optical fibers
      Singularities in higher order modes of optical fiber
      Power and cost savings in metro and data center networks using optical transceivers based on a polymeric substrate
      A novel adaptive restoration algorithm for cost minimization of translucent optical networks
      Networking Benefits of Advanced DSP Techniques
      “Extrinsic optical chirality” and resonant absorption in GaAs-based nanowires investigated by photo-acoustic spectroscopy
      Optical network design in content centric network scenario
    • Lif imaging detectors read by confocal laser microscope for characterization of x-ray beam coupled with polycapillary optics
      3D EBL fabrication of high-quality spiral phase plates and diffractive optical elements
      Modelling of dysprosium-doped ZBLAN fiber laser
      Microspheres and microbubbles for chemical and biomedicine optical sensing
      Lighting system with high power LEDs, light management structure, and large-area electronics in the LUMENTILE™ European Project
    • Optical modelling of hybrid nanoparticles for theranostic applications
      Functionalization of macroporous silicon for optical detection of bacteria
      Towards Luminescent Porous Silicon Nanoparticles for in Vivo Imaging
      Design of an hybrid graphene/silicon photodetector operating at 2 micron
      Development of a multiphoton-multicolor and super-resolution STED microscope for in vivo experiments
      Low-coherence reflectometry for cell refractive index sensing
      Effect of fabrication and measurement conditions on un-encapsulated perovskite solar cells
      Novel Approaches to Photon Detection and Timing for 7-Wavelength Time Domain Optical Mammography
      Frequency Offset Raman Spectroscopy (FORS) for In-Depth Analysis of Scattering Media
      In-Situ laser fenestration of endovascular stent-graft in abdonimal aortic aneurysm repair (EVAR)
      Deconvolution technique for THZ characterization of painting layers
      Low cost lithographic fabrication of tunable plasmonic nanostructures
      Back grating optimization for light trapping in thin-film quantum dot solar cells
      Compatibility analysis between AGL systems and night vision goggles
    • Self-assembled and repeatable sers nanoprobes on fibre tip
      Novel computer generated holograms for high-security anti-counterfeiting applications
      A φ-OTDR Sensor for High-frequency Distributed Vibration Measurements with Minimal Post-processing
      A novel configuration for bio-chemical sensors based on surface plasmon resonance
      Multi-sensing meta nanostructures with surface-enhanced Raman scattering and surface plasmon resonance functionalities
      An innovative optical system for the detection of HV power line insulators defects
      Portable SPR refractometer for contamination analysis in a flowing liquid
      A machine learning approach to the identification of chemical substances from lidar measurements
      Characterization of silica fibers for dual wavelength Brillouin sensors
      Bend-insensitive fiber probe for temperature monitoring
      PDMS treated with dichloromethane: swollen weight without underestimation due to the solvent volatility and thermal aging to reduce swelling and morphology damage
      Brillouin-based fiber sensing system employing a modified Brillouin ring laser
      Analysis of Wavelentgh Multiplexing Approaches for High Power Multi-Emitter Semiconductor Laser Modules
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