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Loughborough Antennas & Propagation Conference (LAPC 2017)

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  • Location: Loughborough, UK
  • Conference date: 13-14 Nov. 2017
  • ISBN: 978-1-78561-699-0
  • Conference number: CP732
  • The following topics are dealt with: antennas and propagation; RF circuits; and advanced materials.
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    • A Low-cost Vector Network Analyzer: Design and Realization
      Portable and Low Cost Channel Sounding Platform for VHF / UHF IoT Propagation Research
      Metal Lens for Collimation of Orbital Angular Momentum Radio Modes
      Reliable EM-Driven Size Reduction of Antennas Using Feasible Region Boundary Search
      Concepts for Radar Target Simulation
      Laboratory testing of a SVD-based approach to recover the nonredundant bi-polar NF data from the positioning error affected ones
      Multiband hybrid loop-notch antennas
      Wireless power transfer in the presence of a conducting interface: an analytical solution
    • SatCom on-the-move Antenna With Mechanically Switchable Circular Polarization
      Comparative Study on the Diversity Performance between Different Microstrip Antenna Arrays
      Beam Steering Antenna Arrays for 28-GHz Applications
      Compact and Planar Slot Antenna Array for X-band Applications
      Dual-Band Compact-Size Antenna Array for Angle of Arrival Estimation
    • 3D Printed Periodic Structures in a Horn Antenna for Side-lobe Reduction using Direct Metal Laser Sintering
      Vanadium Dioxide Switches for a Reconfigurable Bandwidth Antenna
      A 2.4 GHz to 27 MHz non-Linear RFID Topology in Flexible Electronics
      Analytical formulation for the capacitance of 3D square split ring resonators
      Equivalent Circuit Analysis for 3D Metamaterials with Fringing Field Correction Factor
      High gain flat antennas for Ka band SATCOM
      A Reconfigurable Capacitive Impedance Surface for 1.5T Magnetic Resonance Imaging Applications
      Fully 3D printed GPS Antenna using a Low-cost Open-source 3D Printer
    • Miniature on skin passive UHF RFID antenna sticker
      Design and characterization of a three material anatomical bone phantom for implanted antenna applications
      Design of a miniaturized bone implantable antenna for a wireless implant monitoring device
      Effect of small wearable device antenna location on its impedance, bandwidth potential and radiation efficiency
      Robustness of 7T-MRI Flexible Array Coil Behaviour
    • Tilt and Tamper Sensing UHF RFID Security Tag
      Antenna characterisation and channel effects on digital systems
      Recognising People Using Smart Phone Antennas: A Fuzzy Biometric
      A passive UHF RFID pH sensor (smart polymers for wireless medical sensing devices)
      Printed Yagi-Helix Antennas
    • Antennas that Support Multi-Mode Excitation
      MATLAB-based Multi-objective Optimization of Broadband Circularly Polarized Antennas
      Combined energy harvester integrated into car
      A CAD-Oriented Technique to Design an Optimum Load Impedance with Multi-Coupler Network for Class-F Power Amplifier
      Engineered group delay transmission lines based on novel negative group delay networks
      An Investigation on Frequency Selective Antenna Interface Based on Optimization Approach
      LTCC-based millimetre-wave microstrip grid array antennas
    • Implementation of a quasioptical system for free-space measurements: applications to radio astronomy
      HF urban noise level in variable channels of 3-24 kHz: a preliminary experimental approach
      Testing of low-power wide-area technologies in controlled propagation environments
      High Dynamic Range Frequency Converters for HF and VHF Propagation Measurements
      Channel characterisation for wearable LoRaWAN monitors
      An empirical study of link quality assessment in wireless sensor networks applicable to transmission power control protocols
      Millimetre-wave propagation in urban clutter for 5G systems
    • Examination of the effect of common CATR quiet zone specifications on antenna pattern measurement uncertainties
      Cost/Performance Trade-Off of Domain Segmentation for EM-Driven Surrogate-Assisted Multi-Objective Antenna Design
      Antenna Design Explorer: A GUI Software Tool for Efficient Antenna Design Optimization
      Parametric Analysis and Bandwidth Optimisation of Hybrid Linear-exponential Tapered Slot Vivaldi Antennas
      Nonredundant Spiral NFTFF Transformation for a Long Antenna Mounted with an Offset with respect to the Scan Sphere
    • Study of mm-wave microstrip patch array on curved substrate
      Millimetre wave reflectarray antenna unit cell measurements
      A New THz Corrugated-Ground Antenna
      Superdirective meta-arrays at telecommunication wavelengths
      Characterisation of a quasi-optical transmissometer for precise measurement of a sub-THz multenna
      Role of Surface Waves in the Reflection Properties of a Millimetre Wave Reflectarray Unit Cell
      Design of Ultra Wideband Vivaldi Nanoantenna for Solar Energy Collection
    • A cost-effective technique for concurrent IQ stream capture for prototyping phased arrays
      Single shot DoA estimation for large-array base station systems in multi-user environments
      Dual-Element Antenna System for Hexa-band Smartphone MIMO Applications
      Image transmission using OSTBC-encoded 16-QAM over MIMO time-selective fading channels
      Comparative study of “Phoenix” reflectarray phase-shifting cells
    • The ultra-thin reconfigurable meta-surface
      High Gain Circularly Polarized Meta-Surface Antenna
      Optimisation of the Q Factor of a Complementary Frequency Selective Surface
      Artificially anisotropic cylinder to convert omnidirectional linear polarization into circular polarization
      Demonstrating a low temperature organic dense dielectric patch antenna
      Metasurface synthesis using susceptibility tensors and holographic technique
      Analysis and Design of Metasurface Antennas
      Properties of antennas made with sprayed selective silver metallization
      On the introduction of lumped inductors for optimizing UHF band AMCs in terms of size and angular stability
    • Assembly conformal antenna array for wearable microwave breast imaging application
      Microwave apparatus for testing breast integrity based on Huygens principle: clinical validation on 16 subjects
      Miniaturization of a broadband monopole antenna using low loss magneto-dielectric materials in VHF band
    • A Wideband Circularly Polarised Cross-Slot Antenna with an L-Shaped Feed-Line
      A feasibility study on the extension of the point scatterer formulation to include wind induced dynamics
      A channel model for the propagation of X-band radio waves through the solar corona
    • High Aperture Efficient Corrugated Plate Antenna at X-band
      Optimization of log-periodic dipole antenna with LTE band-rejection
      Size Reduction of Multi-Band Antennas Using Feature-Based Optimization
      A Compact Multiband Antenna for Mobile Handset Using Characteristic Modes Optimization
      Characterisation of Flexible, Thermal Transfer Printed UWB Antenna Under Static Bending
      A Printed Monopole UWB Antenna Design with Single and Dual Band-Suppression Characteristics
    • Evidence of mainbeam steering capability of a patch antenna with an anisotropic dielectric realised using a transmission line model
      Design of Mechanically Reconfigurable Meander Antenna Using the Galinstan Liquid Metal
      Development of a reconfigurable modular GPS beamformer for design and test
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