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International Conference on Radar Systems (Radar 2017)

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  • Location: Belfast, UK
  • Conference date: 23-26 Oct. 2017
  • ISBN: 978-1-78561-672-3
  • Conference number: CP728
  • The following topics are dealt with: radar system.

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  • An anti-collision automotive FMCW Radar using time-domain interference detection and suppression
  • Trilateration of Targets Using a 300GHz Radar System
  • Micro Doppler signature of pedestrian walking on spot at low-Terahertz frequencies
  • Low-THz Radar, Lidar and Optical Imaging through Artificially Generated Fog
  • Suppression of Co-Channel Interference in High Duty Ratio Pulsed Radar Receivers
  • Dual-function radar-communication using GPS gold codes
  • Characterization of Range Sidelobe Modulation Arising from Radar-Embedded Communications
  • Embedding Communication Signals into the Radar Transmit Waveform
  • Operation in littoral environments - the ARTIST multi-function radar demonstrator programme
  • Frequency-dependent target localization
  • Experimental Validation of a Two-Dimensional Receiving Array Concept for Over-the-Horizon Radar
  • Radar micro-Doppler for loudspeaker analysis: an industrial process application
  • Classification of Single and Multi Propelled Miniature Drones Using Multilayer Perceptron Artificial Neural Network
  • Feature diverse hierarchical classification of human gait with CW radar for assisted living
  • Micro-Doppler classification with boosting in perimeter protection
  • Feature diversity for fall detection and human indoor activities classification using radar systems
  • MIMO versus conventional radar performance against jammers
  • MIMO radar: time division multiplexing vs. code division multiplexing
  • Interference mitigation for airborne MIMO radar
  • Low sidelobe beamforming method based on linear constraint reconstruction for colocated MIMO radar
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