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7th IET International Conference on Wireless, Mobile & Multimedia Networks (ICWMMN 2017)

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  • Location: Beijing, China
  • Conference date: 17-20 Nov. 2017
  • ISBN: 978-1-78561-515-3
  • Conference number: CP726
  • The following topics are dealt with: MIMO communication; array signal processing; cellular radio; direction-of-arrival estimation; wireless channels; optimisation; mobile radio; compressed sensing; antenna arrays; radiofrequency interference.
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    • Multichannel Analysis for Uplink Heterogeneous Cellular Networks with Flexible Cell Association
      Estimate Health Condition of Power Supply at Base-station Sites Based on Alarm Data
      A Low-power Transmission Approach of Wifi Network in Smartphone
      Robustness Analysis of Space-time Coding in High Speed Railway Communication System
      Reducing Out-of-band Radiations for Cognitive Automatic Identification System Based on Multi-population Genetic Algorithm
      Pilot Pollution Algorithm Based on Cell Sectorization Elimination in Massive MIMO System
      Online Source Recovery Algorithm with Dynamic Source Number for WSDM in the Noisy Case
    • Improved 2-D DOA Estimation Algorithm for L-shaped Array Using Cross-correlation Matrix
      MU-MIMO Downlink Sum Rate Analysis Based on SLNR and Optimum Code Vector Design for Millimeter Wave Communications
      Adaptive codebook based channel estimation for hybrid mm-Wave massive MIMO systems
      On SINR Biasing for Optimal Cell Range Expansion in Two-tier Wireless Hetnets
      PSK Modulated Differential Spatial Modulation for Massive MIMO Uplink System
      Efficient DoA Estimation Algorithm with Arrays of Arbitrary Geometry via Guided Phase Manipulation
      Optimal Secure Transmission with Artificial-noise-aided Beamforming in Multi-cell Networks
      A Compact CPW-fed UWB-MIMO Antenna with Isolation Enhancement
    • Detection Method for Satellite Communication Interfering Signals Based on Compressive Sensing
      Delivery delay analysis for large-size multimedia messages in V2I/V2V networks
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