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2017 EPTC Power Transmission and Transformation Technology Conference

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  • Location: Chongqing, China
  • Conference date: 15-16 March 2017
  • ISBN: 978-1-78561-507-8
  • Conference number: CP720
  • The following topics are dealt with: UHVDC insulators; transmission line grounding; AC/DC hybrid transmission; windage yaw prevention; submarine cables; high-voltage cable tunnel monitoring; insulator contamination; UHV transmission lines; power grid inspection; power grid interconnection; transmission line maintenance; icing monitoring; flashover characteristics; composite insulating materials; insulator pollution; overhead transmission lines and substation reactive power control.

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  • Research on general overhaul process tools for end portion of UHVDC strain insulator conductor
  • Study on the protecting method of submarine cable
  • Study on the Optimal Design of the Laos EHV Power Transmission Line
  • Review of urban high-voltage cable tunnel monitoring techniques
  • Design and implementation of on-line monitoring platform for power cable tunnel
  • Helicopter power operation will promote the transformation of china's power grid development
  • Research on the Measurement of The Contamination Particle Size Of The Insulators
  • Discussion on live working technology development of UHV transmission line
  • Identification of insulator contamination components based on hyperspectral classification
  • EMC Analysis of Power Grid Intelligent Inspection Equipment Based on Finite Element Method
  • The development trend of submarine cable projects for achieving optimal allocation of energy using international power grid interconnection
  • Study on the self-suppression heating effect of NiTi shape memory alloy dish gasket
  • The communication model and interface architecture of power transmission and transmission device based on Internet of Things
  • Research on safety distance in live operation with helicopter and hanging basket on 500KV transmission line
  • An Application Scheme to Poke-Yoke Separable Connector
  • Analysis of bird-related outage risk for Hunan power grid
  • Study On Distributed Optical Sensing Based Transmission Line Icing Monitoring Technology
  • Primary exploration on the application of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle )-based photographing technology in the control over external force damage to electric transmission line
  • Influence factor analysis method of UAV inspection cost based on system analysis approach
  • Study on the flashover characteristics of ± 500kV DC transmission lines caused by forest fire under reduced-voltage operation
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