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2nd IET International Conference on Biomedical Image and Signal Processing (ICBISP 2017)

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  • Location: Wuhan, China
  • Conference date: 13-14 May 2017
  • ISBN: 978-1-78561-318-0
  • Conference number: CP718
  • The following topics are dealt with: Biomedical signal processing; Biomedical imaging & image processing; Bioinstrumentation; biosensors; bio-micro/nano technologies; wearable & portable medical technologies/devices; Medical informatics & telemedicine; Cardiovascular & respiratory systems engineering; Neural engineering, neuromuscular systems; Rehabilitation engineering; Medical diagnostics and biomarkers; and, Healthcare information systems.

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  • An optical fibre based ex-vivo device for detection of cytokines
  • Distributed functional connectivity impairment in schizophrenia: a multi-site study
  • Point-spread-function analysis for ultrasound computed tomography with ring array
  • Segmentation of dynamic contrast enhanced micro-CT images for fluorescence molecular tomography reconstruction
  • Dynamic synchronization state discrimination in local field potentials of neuropathic pain
  • A New Statistical-Based Algorithm for Medical Image Feature Extraction
  • An acceleration based heuristics algorithm for gait phase detection
  • Ultrasound parallel delay multiply and sum beamforming algorithm based on GPU
  • Robust Medical Image Authentication using 2-D Stationary Wavelet Transform and Edge Detection
  • An automated wide-view imaging system of pathological tissue under optical microscopy
  • Normalization method of suppressing excitation noise in fluorescence molecular tomography
  • Understanding and assessing low-light cameras for super-resolution localization microscopy
  • Fusion estimation of respiration rate from ECG and PPG signal based on Android platform and wearable watch
  • Design and implementation of a novel human-machine interactive healthcare system for visual reproduction test
  • An improved method of calculating MTF from PSF based on CT phantom images
  • MRI motion artifact mitigation methodology using spin echo pulse sequences on a 4.7 T scanner
  • Extraction of visual evoked potential using improved Wiener filter
  • Patents Analysis on Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Data Processing Technology
  • Part-Wise Pedestrian Gender Recognition Via Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Thyroid nodule detection using attenuation value based on non-enhancement CT images
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