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Mediterranean Conference on Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Energy Conversion (MedPower 2016)

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  • Location: Belgrade, Serbia
  • Conference date: 6-9 Nov. 2016
  • ISBN: 978-1-78561-406-4
  • Conference number: CP711
  • The following topics are dealt with: asset aging and life management; climate change and greenhouse gas emissions; distributed generation and micro-grids; data mining and big data management; demand forecasting and demand side management; distribution automation; electric machines and drives; electromagnetic transients; E-Mobility; energy policy and regulatory issues; high voltage engineering; ICT in power systems; illumination techniques; insulation coordination; multi energy systems; operation and control of low inertia systems; planning and operation of power systems in competitive markets; power cables and insulating materials; power electronics and FACTS; power quality and quality of supply; power system protection and safety power systems reliability assessment; RES and energy storage; security assessment and risk analysis; smart grids, smart buildings, and smart cities.

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  • ANN for solving the harmonic load flow in electric power systems with DG
  • Multi-microgrids for innovative distribution networks in rural areas
  • Modelling and analysis of inverter controlled islanded microgrids with frequency and voltage droop characteristics
  • Transient stability considerations in a real distribution system with distributed generators
  • Delay-dependent stability analysis of hybrid power systems with time delays
  • Power plants' connections to elektromorava pozarevac distribution grid
  • Fast demand response as spinning reserve in microgrids
  • Recurrent neural networks for very short term energy resource planning in a microgrid
  • The sub-transient, transient, and steady-state models for three-phase inverter based distributed generators for the purpose of real-time short-circuit analysis
  • Optimal placement of wind turbines using semidefinite programming
  • A physical model of distribution line with active power injector - application in power engineering education
  • Methodology for close to real time profiling of aggregated demand using data streams from smart meters
  • Residential demand response with low cost smart load controllers
  • Modelling programs for load management using energy storing capacity of buildings
  • Study of electricity load profiles in university campuses: the case study of Democritus University Of Thrace
  • An optimisation algorithm for matching large scale databases on customers for improved characterisation of electricity consumption
  • Solar analemma for assessing variations in electricity demands at mv buses
  • Demand response for frequency control in an interconnected power system
  • Demand response strategy for optimal formulation of flexibility services
  • Direct method for estimation of demand composition at supply point
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