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2016 International Field Exploration and Development Conference (IFEDC)

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  • Location: Beijing, China
  • Conference date: 11-12 Aug. 2016
  • ISBN: 978-1-78561-402-6
  • Conference number: CP706
  • The following topics are dealt with: reservoir surveillance; reservoir drilling technology; unconventional resources development; oil production technology; pipeline monitoring and production safety technology.

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  • Forward Analysis of Origin of Mixed Oil and Gas and Relative Contribution of Source Rocks in Tarim Basin: A Case Study from Tazhong Area
  • Reservoir characteristics and controlling factors of E31 clastic reservoir in QIE 6 block of Kunbei Oilfield in Qaidam basin
  • Application of rock brittleness prediction in tight oil exploration
  • The Influence of Unloading Process on the Shale Formation Rock Mechanics Characteristic
  • Fully coupled hydromechanical flow simulation of water-induced dynamic fractures in low-permeability reservoirs
  • The Near Miss Management: An Effective Tool for the First-Line Organizations to do HSE Risk Management IFEDC2016752
  • Improvement of fuzzy evaluation using fuzzy clustering on identifying thief zones
  • Field Corrosion Test in High H2S Containing Production Flow by Using a New Testing Apparatus
  • Mechanical interaction of multiplefractures propagation for shale fracturing
  • Research of oily wastewater treatment by micro-bubble flotation experimental device
  • Waterless stimulation: a new liquid CO2 based gel fracturing fluid with cylinder micelles structure
  • New method to control the process of meor using organic vector
  • Research on automatic monitoring and controlling technology downhole for zonal injection in digital oilfield
  • Application of Sweet Spot Prediction and Integrated Geological Modeling in the Shale Gas Reservoir of Zhaotong Block as a National Shale Gas Pilot Project
  • Plant-wide control strategy for improving produced water treatment
  • Physical property research of CO2 in Yan Chang Oilfield pipeline transportation
  • The identification and analysis of safety critical elements in safety management of oil and gas fields
  • The tiger bubble oil fields of Daqing have a high platform of sedimentary micro facies reservoir research
  • Experiment of Treatment of Polluted Sand on Well Site in the Oil Field
  • Study on flue gas detection and treatment technology in in-situ combustion process of heavy oil
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