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18th Italian National Conference on Photonic Technologies (Fotonica 2016)

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  • Location: Rome, Italy
  • Conference date: 6-8 June 2016
  • ISBN: 978-1-78561-268-8
  • Conference number: CP704
  • The following topics are dealt with: optical communication; optical components and appliances; optical sensors; nanophotonics; integrated optics; integrated optoelectronics; and optical fibres.
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    • Modems for deep space optical communications: from RF to optical deep space, the European contribution
      Two- and three-laser chaos communications
      Final results from EU project “FABULOUS”
      Low-complexity real-time coherent TX/RX prototype for UD-WDM access networks
      20-Gb/s polarization division multiplexed WDM PON transmitter based on self seeded RSOAs
      A novel algorithm for PON optimal deployment over real city maps and large number of users
      Experimental demonstration of multi-vendor interoperable 100G DWDM CFP line interfaces
      The statistical network assessment process (SNAP) to evaluate benefits of amplifiers and transponders' upgrades
      SDN-enabled optical transmission systems: programmability and advanced features
      A novel SDN-like DWDM all-optical metro-access network architecture
      Fiber Access Cost Models from ROAD NGN Project
      Dimensioning the physical layer of DSP-based radio waveforms aggregation for fronthauling
      Software Defined Networks over Carrier Ethernet for 5G: Tests from a GMPLS test bed
      Silicon photonic toolkit for integrated switching matrices
      Impact of Discretization and Boundary Conditions in Nonlinear Frequency-Division Multiplexing
      Statistical and performance analysis of a novel M-PolSK modulation in local "twisted" fibers
      Modulation formats analysis for optical short reach interconnects
      Investigation of Phase Noise Induced by Cross Channel Nonlinear Interference
      Multidimensional secure multilevel polarization shift keying
      Nonlinear Interaction Length in Unmanaged and Managed Dispersion Compensation Links
      Impact of WDM impairments in energy-aware design of optical networks
      PCIe-based network architectures over optical fiber links : an insight from the advent project
      An Experimental 4D Video Communication Platform
      Implementation of superconducting nanowire single photon detectors for quantum photonics
    • Short optofluidic directional couplers for low power switches
      Sensitivity of Pbs Colloidal Quantum Dot Photoconductors: A Comparison of Different Readout Methods
      Integrated Spatial Division (De)Multiplexer for Few-Mode Fiber Transmission
      Novel Diffractive Optics For Mode Division Multiplexing of Optical Vortices
      Reconfigurable optical beamformer with graphene-based fine-tunable optical delay line
      Chiral Optical Response of Self-Assembled Plasmonic Metasurface Investigated by Linear and Nonlinear Detection Schemes
      A new THz-Pump / Second Harmonic Probe experimental setup: characterizations and first results
      Second harmonic generation in fibers poled by linearly and circularly polarized pumps
      The ENEA discharge produced plasma EUV source: description and applications
      SnO2 based glasses: a viable photonic system
      Gold and Silver Nanoparticles Based Networks as Advanced Materials for Optoelectronic Devices
      Determination of coupling regime of high-Q coupled resonators using cavity ring down spectroscopy
      Spectral reflectivity measurements on glass capillaries for micro-fluidic applications
    • Web-Based Spatial Decision Support Systems to Monitor and Manage Coastal Environments
      Thermal-vacuum optical characterization of next-generation lunar laser retroreflectors
      Dynamic Lighting For Space Habitats
      Towards a sensor based on random laser emission
      Multi-modal optical imaging of brain plasticity after stroke
      Characterization of Human Atherosclerotic Plaques Using Multimodal Multiphoton Microscopy
      Functional imaging of zebrafish neuronal activity by Bessel beam light-sheet microscopy
      Imaging of calcium signalling in plant roots by light sheet fluorescence microscopy
      THz Characterization of Corroded Metals: The Influence of Surface Roughness
      Optical Detection Of Tumour Cell Aggressiveness By Means Of 3D Silicon Micromachined Structures
      Solution-Processed Indium Doped Zinc Oxide as Electron Transport Layer for Inverted Polymer Solar Cells
      Insight into the Current Output of Polymer Solar Cells: A Comparison Between The Standard And Inverted Architecture
      The next generation: miniaturized objects, self powered using nanostructures to harvest ambient energy
      Nanopores within 3D-structured gold film for sensing applications
      UTOFIA Project: A novel MOPA laser source for a compact, cost-effective system for underwater range-gated imaging
      Reliability of mid-power LEDs for lighting applications
      Micro-Raman Spectroscopy Study of Conjunctival Surface Epithelium in Dry-Eye Syndrome
      Raman spectroscopy and digital holography reveal visible light photodamage on human sperm cells
      Identification and classification of acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells from peripheral blood by using Raman spectroscopy
      Stimulated Raman Scattering Microscopy in Single Cell
      Single Molecule Study of Processive Myosin Motors
      Tomographic Phase Microscopy as a tool for red blood cell morphological analysis
      Optical Monitoring of Drug Release in Hybrid Patch Based on Polymer Microneedles and Porous Silicon Membrane
      Morphological Characterization of Human Keratoconic Corneas by SHG Microscopy
      Advanced biocompatible photolithographic scaffolds for tissue engineering
      Smart Technologies: Useful Tools to Assess the Exposure to Solar Ultraviolet Radiation for General Population and Outdoor Workers
      Optical modelling of the gastric tissue to optimize the phototherapy efficacy against H. pylori infection
      Quantitative phase-imaging method for measuring the phototoxicity effects of blue light on in-vitro cell
      Multimodal fiber optic based spectroscopic approach for the grading and staging of bladder tumors
      Graphene like materials in TCO/silicon Schottky junction solar cells
      Solution-processed perovskite thin films for planar solar cells under ambient conditions
      Characterization of the metabolic conditions of different tissues during Zebrafish development by non-linear microscopy
      Gold Nanorods Absorption Enhancement in a TiO2 paste treated with Tylose for Co-sensitized DSSCs
      Low emission sputtered coatings for smart glazing
      On the Determination of the Backscattering Profile with Lidar in Presence of Widespread Smoke
      Optical and Electrical Properties of Tio2 Based Transparent Conductive Films and Multilayer Systems Fabricated by Radio Frequency Sputtering and E-Beam Evaporation
      Features extraction for images from stimulated Raman scattering
      Detection of the Glass Transition of Polymers Used in Art and Art-Conservation Using Raman Spectroscopy
      Optimized laser ablation elemental depth profiling of bronzes using 3D microscopy
      Spectroscopic Characterisation of Laser-Induced Effects on Modern Paint Layers
    • Label free chemical sensors based on plasmonic nanostructures: modeling and functional characterization
      From Conoscopy to Sphenoscopy: New Experimental Methods in Crystals Inspections
      Linewidth measurement of a NIR VCSEL by self-mixing interferometry using voltage detection scheme
      Multipath interference in connectors and components: evaluation and design hints
      Multiplexing nanostructured plasmonic device for high throughput biosensing
      Nanoplasmonic platform for multiparametric and highthroughput biosensing
      Enhanced Magneto-Optical Activity of Au Nanostructures: a novel transducer platform for chemical sensing
      Linewidth Estimation Of A Mid Infrared Quantum Cascade Laser By Voltage Noise Spectral Density Measurement
      Fibre optic distributed strain sensing for open-holes specimen axial test
      Optical low-coherence reflectometry for non-destructive testing of silicon micromachined devices
      SPR Sensors Based on Bilayer Metals in a D-shaped Plastic Optical Fiber: Analysis and Experimental Results with Different Metals
      Arc-Induced Long Period Gratings in Fluorine-Doped Optical Fibers
      Transparent Conductive Multilayer Films On Flexible Substrate For Electric Field Shielding Application
      Remote LED lighting technology for producing and processing food
      Fluorimetric Study of Graphene Oxide Reduction by Microwave Heating
      Structural and Electrical Characterizations of Polymer-Supported Graphene Fabricated by Graphite Nanoplatelets
      Fiber Optic Fabry Perot Pressure Sensor Based On Commercial Ferule
      Measurement of Moisture Content in Masonry Materials by Active Distributed Optical Fiber Sensors
      Picomolar detection with optofluidic spectroscopy on-chip
      A simple integration approach between self-assembled polymeric microbottle resonators and planar waveguide
      A new IR laser scanning system for power lines sag measurements
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