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7th IET Conference on Railway Condition Monitoring 2016 (RCM 2016)

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  • Location: Birmingham, UK
  • Conference date: 27-28 Sept. 2016
  • ISBN: 978-1-78561-344-9
  • Conference number: CP701
  • The following topics are dealt with: railway condition-based maintenance; crack detection; transmission power control; rail corrugation management; asset management; repair; retrofitting;wireless remote condition monitoring; robotics; automatic vision-based inspection system and locomotive pantographs.

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  • An automated data-driven toolset for predictive analytics
  • Closing the loop on enterprise asset management (EAM)
  • A modular approach to automation of condition monitoring and repair for rail
  • Using model based systems engineering to increase the robustness of monitoring systems in railways
  • Jubilee line: A data-driven approach to improving performance and reliability
  • Enabling the multiple use of condition monitoring devices for real-time monitoring, real-time data logging and remote condition monitoring
  • Developing Rolling Stock Fault Analysis and Key Performance Indicators Using Statistical Modelling
  • How can we industrialise wheel and disc measuring systems? (or new equipment new people new trains don't panic!)
  • Retrofit condition monitoring and remote data retrieval from railway vehicle engines
  • Estimation of lateral track irregularities from on-board measurement: effect of wheel-rail contact model
  • Non-Contact Force Measurement for Current Collection in a 25kV Overhead Line Electrified Railway
  • An investigatory study into transmission power control for wireless sensor networks in railway applications
  • Research on Evolution Law of Service Performance of High-speed Train Based on Tracking Monitoring
  • PANTOBOT-3D: an automatic vision-based inspection system for locomotive pantographs
  • Enhancing Wireless Remote Condition Monitoring with Photographic Imaging
  • Software and machine learning tools for monitoring railway track switch performance
  • Track Circuit Indicators - Monitoring Without Thresholds
  • Evaluation of Dymola for its suitability for simulating railway systems
  • Crack Detection in Railway Axle Using Horizontal and Vertical Vibration Measurements
  • Application of axle-box acceleration to track condition monitoring for rail corrugation management
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