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5th IET International Conference on Renewable Power Generation (RPG 2016)

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  • Location: London, UK
  • Conference date: 21-23 Sept. 2016
  • ISBN: 978-1-78561-300-5
  • Conference number: CP694
  • The following topics are dealt with: market design and operation; photovoltaic systems; smart grids; wave and tidal energy; network services provision; wind integration; MPPT algorithms; condition monitoring; distributed generation; renewable sources; HVDC and low-frequency transmission; and wind plant modelling and control.

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  • Risk-based transmission capacity allocation as a mean to increase renewable penetration in the Brazilian Interconnected System
  • Advanced Control of a fully integrated Renewable and CHP Heated, Cooled and Powered building
  • Performance testing and reliability of 2 pole magnetic latching relays for smart meters
  • Effects of spacing in wave energy converter arrays on voltage flicker
  • All electric drive train for wave energy power take off
  • Review of Magnetic Gear Technologies and their Applications in Marine Energy
  • Assessment of Thermal Cycling in a Rectifier For Wave Power Generation
  • A study into commercial and technical considerations for the future use of marine energy in New Zealand
  • Provision of frequency support by offshore wind farms connected via HVDC links
  • Primary frequency control in future GB power system with high penetration of wind generation
  • Black start scheme formation considering dynamic wind power penetration limit
  • Assessment of the last-in-first out principle of access for managing the connection of distributed wind generators
  • Enhanced DC voltage control strategy for fault management of a VSC-HVDC connected offshore wind farm
  • A WT-ARMA based method for wind power ramp events forecasting
  • The value of storage for a wind farm offering energy and spinning reserve
  • Modified control scheme to improve LVRT capability of DFIG under grid faults
  • Artificial neural network application in wind forecasting: an one-hour-ahead wind speed prediction
  • Generalization of the main MPPT methods
  • Robust maximum power point tracking of renewable energy generators
  • Design of a direct connection scheme of supercapacitors to the grid-tied photovoltaic system
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