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CIRED Workshop 2016

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  • Location: Helsinki, Finland
  • Conference date: 14-15 June 2016
  • ISBN: 978-1-78561-202-2
  • Conference number: CP686
  • The following topics are dealt with: power distribution companies; resilient distribution system planning and operation; and energy efficiency.

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  • Modelling and flexible long-term planning integrating innovative technologies for the distribution grids of Zurich
  • Islanding of a commercial district: nice grid project
  • Underground low voltage loop system of KEPCO
  • Factors of vulnerability and resilience in energy systems
  • Coordinated operation of TSO, DSO and consumers in voltage management in case of interconnecting large amount of PV
  • Development of a phase shifting regulator for power flow control in low voltage grids
  • Establishing transparency for distribution grid planning and operation using methods of state estimation
  • Resilience of Finnish electricity distribution networks against extreme weather conditions
  • Distribution grid resiliency - North America
  • Flexibility activation optimization for constraints management in distribution grids, using DER flexibility through LV4MV
  • Reliability assessment of active distribution networks considering distributed energy resources and operational limits
  • Smart power quality measurement with MV reclosers
  • Flexzone concept to enable resilient distribution grids - possibilities in sundom smart grid
  • How to facilitate the integration of a huge number of heterogeneous smartgrid devices ?
  • Active network management supporting energy storage integration into system, market and the distribution network
  • A coordinated optimization method of SNOP and tie switch operation simultaneously based on cost in active distribution network
  • DSO interacting with heterogeneous DER in distribution grid
  • Advanced fault location in compensated distribution networks
  • Use of real-time fault level values to generate an MVA PER MVA infeed template for 11KV distribution networks
  • Platform for virtual prototyping of advanced distribution management systems using python and opendss
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