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8th IET International Conference on Power Electronics, Machines and Drives (PEMD 2016)

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  • Location: Glasgow, UK
  • Conference date: 19-21 April 2016
  • ISBN: 978-1-78561-188-9
  • Conference number: CP684
  • The following topics are dealt with: induction machines; wide band gap devices; energy storage; HVDC converters; HF converter; grid interface converters; DC-DC converters; aerospace systems; solar power systems; photovoltaic power systems; tidal power systems; wave power systems; sensorless machine control; thermal management; electric traction; multilevel converters; wind power; motion control; rail systems; automotive systems; actuators; grid connection; power distribution; converter topology; inverter control; reluctance machines; permanent magnet machines; power semiconductor devices; machine drive control; condition monitoring; insulation aging; power quality; demand side control; aerospace machine; marine applications; electromagnetic compatibility; industrial applications; electric fuel cell; hybrid vehicles; and smart grids.

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  • Analysis of the electromagnetic acoustic noise and vibrations of a high-speed brushless DC motor
  • A 25 W 27.12 MHz wireless power transfer system
  • Obtaining dynamic Norton parameters of a solar panel from manufacturer data
  • Half-bridge modular multilevel-based HVDC converters with external pre-charged capacitors for dc fault current suppression capability
  • A modular control and power isolation platform for power electronics research and development
  • SVM strategy with duty-offset component injection for a three-phase/level PFC rectifier based on current sector control
  • High-voltage pulse generator based on capacitor-diode voltage multiplier centrally fed from dc-dc boost converter
  • Comparative analysis of surface mounted and flux focusing type axial flux permanent magnet motor
  • Power enhancement of piezoelectric transformers for power supplies
  • Investigating enhancement mode gallium nitride power FETs in high voltage, high frequency soft switching converters
  • An active damping approach for PR-based current control of grid-tied VSI with LCL filter
  • Maximum power point tracking of renewable energy generators based on sum of dynamic and static conductances
  • An enhanced photovoltaic arrays modelling under partial shading condition: generic graphical user interface based approach
  • Degradation and fatigue of epoxy impregnated traction motors due to thermal and thermal induced mechanical stress - Part II: thermal mechanical simulation of multiple wires due to evenly and unevenly distributed temperature
  • Online maximum torque per ampere control of interior permanent magnet synchronous machines (IPMSM) for automotive applications
  • Torque ripple reduction in fractional-slot concentrated-winding machines with saliency
  • Frequency Adaptive Repetitive Control of Grid-Tied Three-Phase PV Inverters
  • Operation Method for AC Grid powered PMSM with Open-End Winding in Dual-Inverter Topology for Power Factor Maximization
  • Lifetime Consumption and Degradation Analysis of the Winding Insulation of Electrical Machines
  • Global design optimization strategy of a synchronous reluctance machine for light electric vehicles
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