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Michael Faraday IET International Summit 2015

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  • Location: Kolkata, India
  • Conference date: 12-13 Sept. 2015
  • ISBN: 978-1-78561-186-5
  • Conference number: CP683
  • The following topics are dealt with: control system; power system; instrumentation and measurement; power electronics; and energy.

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  • Improved Tuning of Cascade Controllers for Stable and Integrating Processes with Time Delay
  • Stabilization and tracking of uncertain nonlinearsystems with unobservable dynamics and timedelay
  • Blending roulette wheel selection with simulated annealing for job shop scheduling problem
  • Detection And Characterisation Of QRS Complex In VMD Domain
  • Design of a self regulated flash type ADC with high resolution
  • A comparative study on gene ranking and classification methods using microarray gene expression profiles
  • Analysis And Solution Of Nonlinear Two-Dimensional Volterra Integro Differential Equation Of Second Kind Using Block Pulse Function: A Review
  • Parameter estimation of three phase induction motor using gravitational search algorithm for IFOC
  • Adaptive fuzzy type-I based person identification
  • A new approach of controlled binning for data smoothening
  • Analysis of Electro-Cardiogram by Radar and DWT based Kurtosis Comparison
  • Radar Assessment of Wavelet decomposition based Skewness of ECG Signals
  • A Comparison Between MPC and Optimal PID Controllers: Case Studies
  • Phasor measurement unit allocation with different soft computing technique inconnected power network
  • An Improved Hybridization Of Tournament And Genetic Algorithm For Solving Various Engineering Design Optimization Problems
  • Modeling and simulation of CUK converter with beta (B) MPPT for standalone PV system
  • Construction of Extended DAS and Ghoshal Observer for a Class of Nonlinear Systems
  • Novel Control Strategy of Static Kramer Induction Generator
  • Design of adaptive two-degree-of-freedom controller for inversion based reference input tracking of non-minimum phase system
  • Control Of Chaos In BLDC Motor Using Modified Feedback Method
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