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6th International Conference on Wireless, Mobile and Multi-Media (ICWMMN 2015)

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  • Location: Beijing, China
  • Conference date: 20-23 Nov. 2015
  • ISBN: 978-1-78561-046-2
  • Conference number: CP681
  • The following topics are dealt with: wireless networks; wireless communications; signal processing; speech and video processing; multimedia network service and applications; new techniques for smart phone; and intelligent transportation and high-speed communications.

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  • A Reasoning Method in Conditional Evidential Networks based on DSm-PCR5
  • Intelligent Terminal Information Propagation Modeling and Analysis Based on the Semiautonomous Computing
  • An Efficient RF Fingerprint Positioning Algorithm Based on Uneven Grid Layout
  • A new train-to-ground Video transmission mechanism based on redundancy
  • An Active Fault Diagnosis Algorithm Based on Random Walk Approach for Space Information Network
  • Improving network traffic capacity by removing links in scale-free networks
  • Direction of Arrival Estimation of Wideband LFM Signals in Multipath Environment
  • A convolutional neural network combined with aggregate channel feature for face detection
  • A TBD algorithm to detect slow dim target based on Hough transform
  • The application of wireless communication technology in bus overcrowding monitoring
  • Traffic-aware Radio Resource Allocation for UE-Relay Enhanced Wireless Cellular Network
  • Dynamic Delay Compensation Firefly Algorithm for Synchronization in Large Scale Ad Hoc Networks
  • Energy-Efficient Coverage Scheme for Relay-Assisted D2D Network
  • Security Transmission with Modulator Structure Hopping in Cooperative System with Untrusted Relay
  • An Architecture for 5G Mobile Network Based on SDN and NFV
  • LFM signal sampling and reconstruction based on compressed sensing and swept-frequency theory
  • An automatic image segmentation algorithm based on GrabCut
  • A Convolution Neural Network Based Variational Restoration Model
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