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6th International Conference on Wireless, Mobile and Multi-Media (ICWMMN 2015)

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  • Location: Beijing, China
  • Conference date: 20-23 Nov. 2015
  • ISBN: 978-1-78561-046-2
  • Conference number: CP681
  • The following topics are dealt with: wireless networks; wireless communications; signal processing; speech and video processing; multimedia network service and applications; new techniques for smart phone; and intelligent transportation and high-speed communications.

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  • A Defocus Assessment of Palmprint Images Based on Laplacian Sharpening
  • Throughput Analysis and Optimization of Single-Hop Broadcasting Protocol in VANETs
  • Energy-efficient roadside units deployment in vehicular ad hoc networks
  • Distributed dynamic cluster algorithm for wireless sensor networks
  • A novel feature recognition algorithm based on Binboost
  • Physical layer security-enhancing transmission protocol against eavesdropping for ambient backscatter communication system
  • Fault Diagnosis Algorithm in VANETs using Compressive Sensing Approach
  • A grouping-based radio resource allocation algorithm for multi-carrier LTE-A systems
  • An Amplify-and-Forward Based Opportunistic Network Coding Scheme for Two-way Wireless Relaying Systems
  • Analysis and Optimization of EBPSK System in Flat Rayleigh Fading Channel
  • Compressive sensing ultra-wideband channel estimation using hadamard measurement matrix
  • A Non-Isotropic Simulation Model for Ship-to-Ship Fading Channels
  • Tradeoff between Spectrum Opportunity Utilization and Primary User Protection for Energy Detector
  • Acoustic Feature Analysis and Conversion of Age Speech
  • Multi-microphone Signal Subspace Speech Enhancement Based on Tensor-preprocessing
  • A Harris Corner Detection Algorithm for Multispectral Images Based on the Correlation
  • Kernel optimization based on salient region detection for image deblurring
  • Object of Interest Tracking Based on Visual Saliency and Feature Points Matching
  • 3D face recognition using closest point coordinates and spherical vector norms
  • A Novel Facial Expression Recognition Approach Based on MoSift
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